Figure Danger

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2007/05/17 16:22 JST in Misc
Figure collecting is not only an expensive hobby - its also a dangerous one too. There are unseen dangers awaiting our figures everywhere. The first example of danger is when the relatives come around and bring their kids. The boys lunge for the Gundams/Macross stuff while the girls leap for the figures....
One thing I try to do is to tell the kids that they can have the crap gachapons that I have lying around if they be good and go to sleep until their parents go home. This does not always work as you can see from this pic of Lisa with my Kotori figure...
Another danger that awaits all figures is the summer heatwave. When it gets particularly hot, I move all the figures down to the first floor where its a bit cooler - not much more I can do other than that.
The main problem that I have in particular is that I drop my figures all the time from fidgeting around with them. I've had to glue back hair cracks in Igunis, Konomi and others ToT.
Figures on the desk are just asking to be played with and I always pick em up when thinking or stuck while programming.
BTW, Legacy view is broke - is there anybody out there using it? Will fix it when I get back from the Shizuoka Hobby Show.