figma Mirai Suenaga

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/05/18 10:03 JST in Mascot
Been waiting for this moment for many moons now ^^ Recently got my grubby mitts on the latest factory sample of Mirai Suenaga. Its a great feeling to have ones creation made into a figure like this - but not just any figure - the figma brand is one which I have enjoyed for many moons.
This was all made possible thanks to you and your support! I want to particularly thank all those who pre-ordered her and am pleased to say that we sold much more than expected and met the target so that we can do the Nendoroid version!
Had a surprisingly large number of sales from Japan too - reached number 3 in the toy sales ranking for Amazon Japan.
Mirai is the first figma to be sculpted by the Good Smile Company team and you can see her bits n bobs at the official GSC site. You can also read about how the figma Mirai started off as an April fools a couple O years ago.
And if you are wondering about the Itachari bicycle - its made by Kodomut.
The box which I designed with the GSC team. Wanted to keep the design simple.
Shes got a "not to be sold outside of Japan" printed on the box but the distributor should stick their own sticker over that part. Shes region free ^^
Mirai in the blister packaging with a laptop, Mirai-chan doll, handkerchief, camera and crying face. This is the first factory sample though so maybe a wee bit rough around the edges. She will be out end of June.
Folks who are interested in getting their hands on one, try some of the following trusted dealers. Some of these dealers have stopped taking pre-orders and wont be selling her until shes in stock though.
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  • Hobby Search (Japanese)
  • Hobby Search (English)
  • AmiAmi (Japanese)
  • AmiAmi (English)
  • HobbyLink Japan (English)
  • Toyet (English)
  • Kid Nemo (English)
  • Archonia (English)
  • HobbyStock
  • Amazon Japan (Japanese/English)
  • KKnM (Singapore)
  • Toys N Toys (Singapore)
Saber has a new toy to play with.
I'll be getting at least a carton to keep ^^;
Mirai out of the box - first thing to do is to give her a katana and see what she does with it.
Braids and ahoge are soft so should not snap off unless you chew on them.
Need one of the Mirai cosplayers (scroll a bit down that page to see them) to pose with Saber for a photo.
Looks like Mirai found herself a very comfy pillow.
Comes with a 3.50Ghz laptop with 34GBs of memory. You can install OSX, Windows or whatever on it.
Hope Mirai can help out a bit while I look for a new full time member of staff.
Mirai comes with a Lumix LX8 which she will use to help take photos around the streets of Tokyo.
Mirai is being crying for some reason.
Its because the Gruesome Twosome are making Mirai do an ecchi video.
Mirai then realizes that she has the ability to Awaken.
Awakening begins.
Awakening sequence initiates.
Awakening scene continues for a long time.
Mirai : "I'm not in the mood right now to make an ecchi video so I will show you what this blade is made of"
Spinzaku : "Noooooooooooo! I just wanted a few seconds of your lovely eyes!"
Lulu : "Spinzaku, please stay alive for a just few more seconds."
Mirai : "Eat this!"
Spinzaku : "Nooooooooo nom nom nom."
Lulu : "Enough of this! I need Spinzaku to shoot a yaoi video after so need him alive for just another day."
Spinzaku and Lulu start to wipe poo from their shoe on Mirai's head.
Reika arrives on the scene with Mirai's main source of energy - SmallusMiraius.
Mirai needs to look into the eyes of SmallusMiraius to recharge her energy.
In the meantime, Reika deals with the Gruesome Twosome.
Mirai is all charged up and also changes into her Gantz suit. Hmmm, this looks incredibly familiar!
But Mirai decided that she didn't want to look like Reika so she changed into her Drossel suit.
But then Mirai got a bit too hot and changed into her Lily outfit.
But then Mirai decided that she wanted a breeze down below.
And by this time I gave up on doing the return of Figma Theater as it was taking too long ^^;
Kamen Mirai.
Eva Mirai.
Gorgeous Figma.
Maid Mirai. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should just spray the pink bits orange.
Mikuru does Mirai cosplay.
Haruhi tries some of that Mirai cosplay too.
Forgot to put on the sukumizu parts for this photo.
Mirai looks good with blaster.
Time to om nom nom Mirai.
Mugi does Mirai cosplay.
What Kyon wears when nobody is looking.
Yui and Mirai on the way to the K-ON after school activities which you can see in some of the posts below.
Got this set of trays from Muji for about 2000 yen.
I forgot to ask for orange shimapan ToT
Nothing that an orange marker and some Gundam top coat wont fix though ^^;
I've only got just the one sample at the moment and cant wait to have more to stick around the house and car ^^;
As you have noticed from many of these photos, many other figma faces can be exchanged with Mirai to do a Face Off.
Mirai together with the Good Smile Company mascot - Gussuma Seijin .
Saber does Mirai cosplay.
Black Rock Mirai.
Neck a bit too long ^^;
Love this combo.
I mentioned that I was concerned with Mirai's hair at the back which covers the figma hole. In many of the past figma's, its always been difficult to get the figma stand in that hole due to the hair. Good Smile remedied this with an extra attachment that you can see here.
Virtual Idol Mirai.
Kagami does Mirai cosplay.
Playing with Mirai at dindins with the Mikufes folks.
Pew pew.
No ZettaiRyouiki but very nice Futomomo.
There will be a few climbing all over the dashboard ^^;
Scale figure is planned too and I cant believe who they got to do the illustration - tis somebody that *all of you* know ^^;