POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2007/04/29 21:35 JST in Misc
Last Thursday Sony Japan launched their YouTube like service called eyeVio and they invited me go attend the launch party. I thought to myself "oh crap!" as all my normal civilian clothing was in the wash and had nothing to wear. Reluctantly, I decided to go in the only thing that I had available...
Went along with Hector from Kirainet and you can also read his coverage here.
I attend a few web related launch events but never seen a venue so packed.
As usual, got to meet and network with many in the internet industry and discovered some new business opportunities ^^
Comrade gaijin DJ - perfect Japanese speaker who whipped the crowd into a frenzy with her cool tunes.
Sony were giving out a ton of their new iPod Nano sized walkman player - this one plays videos too though. Hector and I just happened to get one each ^^;
The girls from Red Bull flogging their drink to the crowds. Its actually quite nice (the drink I mean (well the girls were nice too)).
One the way home, Sony had even more goodies to give away in the form of promo stuff and a USB memory stick.
Folks like to take a picture with the blaster and I end up holding it for them.
A camera crew went around the venue shooting people - whoever showed up on the large screen got a walkman ^^;
The lady from Red Bull also gets a Walkman.
The eyeVio service supports mp4/m4v/mpeg/mpg/flv/3gp/3g2/wmv/avi/mov/qt/vob/rm and you can upload upto 150MB per clip. There are also many features that allow you to easily port to your Sony devices such as PSP etc.
My free goodies! If you are a Mac user, you need to plug the NW-A805 into a windows machine once to wake it up - don't bother to install any software. Once thats done you will be able to plug it into a mac and copy mp4 files to the VIDEO folder. You can see Zero no Tsukaima playing in the pic.
This leaves me with a related question about online video services - how long do you reckon you spend watching video clips every week? Personally I mainly watch whats added to the Otavids section.