EOS Kiss Digital N

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2005/10/21 15:00 JST in Gadgets
You read a bit about our new digital SLR and I thought I go into a bit more detail with more shots.
I still haven't gotten to grips with the thing but have been able to take some decent shots - everything looks just soo much better - the macro lens is fantastic - you have already had a taster and soon I will post some shots taken with the wide angle lens.
Top of the camera with the wide angle lens attached. The Camera comes with many automatic modes so you can pretty much start using the thing straight away.
Back of the camera. Being used to looking through the LCD on the IXY, It took me a little getting used to as all shots are taken looking through the viewfinder. The LCD is used to display picture taken and info such as the histogram and what have you.
The EF-S10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM super wide angle lens set me back 67,877 yen (670 USD) which I also picked up from Fuji Camera. This lens is fan-f***ing-tastic - there is no other word to describe it! The Digital IXY 400 compact digital camera would only be able to capture a small frame of a scene but this gets EVERYTHING! Pictures taken with this lens do look kind of distorted depending on how you look at it but I think that the pictures turn out rather stylish.
This is the EF-S60mm F2.8 macro USM lens which I picked up from Fuji Camera for 42,463 yen (about 430 USD (do I have to keep on about how many USD it costs or do you all know?)).
The camera body is less than 500gms. "Wow, this is really lighter and smaller than I thought."
But then I stuck on a lens and it weighed a ton.
All in all, considering the price, this is a great entry model for those who are thinking of taking up professional photography.