EOS Kiss Digital N

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2005/10/14 06:00 JST in Gadgets
You may have noticed that I am a tad fond of capturing time within a static 2 dimensional space - also known as "taking photos."
My trusty IXY Digital 400 has served me well since feb 2002 and my IXY Digital 200 before that was a good soldier too. I was just about to upgrade to the IXY Digital 700 when I started to take interest in an SLR camera. I have always known that an SLR will always take better pictures than my digital camera but I just hate carrying around big bulky stuff which is one of the reasons why I refused to get one. But then after doing some research, the pros out weighed the cons.
For start, even if I got a digital camera with 8 mega pixels, the physical size of the CMOS is much smaller than the CMOS size in a digital SLR camera so I would never be able to get the high quality that I would with a digital SLR. I also cant change lenses on a compact digital camera and after getting my new 8 mega pixel EOS Kiss Digital N, I realize the power and freedom that I now have to play about with and wondered how I ever managed to survive up until now without it.
Along with the Kiss (77,800 yen (770 USD)), I also got myself a EF-S10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM super wide angle lens (67,877 yen (670 USD)) together with a EF-S60mm F2.8 macro USM lens (42,463 yen (420 USD)).
I have still a ton to learn about using a digital SLR and am wading through tons of mags and websites but I was shouting with excitement after taking a few shots - those scrumptious photos coming soon.
The body is dead light at a feather weight 485g and is 91(width)×56(height)×29.5(depth)mm - BUT weights a ton and is much bigger after sticking on a lens...
There are much better digital SLR's on the market but I thought the Kiss would make a great entry model - and I am over the moon with its performance so far - I am sure you will like the quality of photos coming up ;-)