Emotional Game Ranking

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/10/17 09:47 JST in Games

Results of a survey over at Dengeki shows that 46.5% of game players have cried over emotional games.
The top 10 emotional games that made them cry are...

1. PS2 - Final Fantasy X
2. XBOX (and others) CLANNAD
3. PSP Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII
4. PS2 MGS3
5. PSP (and others) Kanon
6. PS2 Tales of the Abyss
7. PSP (and others) AIR
8. NDS (and others) Dragon Quest V
9. PS (and others) Final Fantasy VII
10. PC Little Busters
You can see the Japanese names and list here.

While speaking to the folks at Nitro Plus, they talked about how they want to make eroge more emotional and not just mufufu.
While I dont think I've gotten emotional over a game, there is a game which has made me cry - drove me to tears when I was a teenager - Ghosts n Goblins for the Commodore 64.

As for emotional anime - we spoke that already.
Little Busters CG from Hentai Org.