Elly Otoguro

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"Eri Otoguro" is the romanization of her Japanese name but she writes her English name as "Elly."
First blogged about Elly back in 2006 when she appeared in the tokusatsu Ryukendo and have always thought she was fwoargh.

This is Mai. I worked with her for a bit as she was involved on the Vitamin Water side for the Tokyo Figure Show. Mai mentioned at the time how her room mate was called Otoguro...
Danny: Elly Otoguro? *asks jokingly*
Mai: Yeah!
Danny: ZOMG @.@!!!Mai works in Tokyo as a producer of all sorts and knows just about *everybody* in the media, entertainment and production field. Check out her blog for more of what she gets up to. She was at the Miss Universe Japan Finals yesterday ^^

Have been meaning to get together for lunch since last August but never got round to it due to our clashing schedules.

As previously mentioned, Elly speaks quite a bit of Chinese and is currently studying hard at learning more of the lingo. This is a page from her note book. We talked about how important it was to actually speak and write newly learned grammar patterns and words.

I know of many folks out there who just stuff their brains with grammar patterns and words but when spoken to, they throw a blank because they are not used to speaking and need to rummage through their brain through all the words that they have been learning. Its like learning how to program PHP and not actually writing any code. Its also like learning about how to drive from a book but not actually drive.

By actually writing or speaking a language, the brain is able to process new words/grammar and slot them into areas for easy access the next time you encounter those terms. Folks who are learning Japanese for example could be writing a blog in hiragana at least. When learning Japanese back in London, I put a classified ad in the Japan Center looking for language exchange folks - made a few Japanese friends who I could speak to and in return I teach em a bit of English.

For folks who took up a second language to learn, how long did it take you to get to a comfortable level? Will talk more in depth of how I learned the lingo.

Today I'm being followed by NHK for the entire day. Lunch with Elly was no exception and the came along to get a few shots and interview Elly too. They've been filming me for two days now and need another two @.@

As Elly mentioned on her burogu, we will be working together on a few products in the very near future. dannychoo.com image girl?! @.@
Shes currently the image girl for Aeon and you can see a collection of her 2009 commercials below.

More kawaii Elly-chan below.

Ken read that I was going to meet Elly for lunch and he asked me to get a signature for him ^^;
Thought I'd invite him so that he could ask for the signature himself. I believe he is a happy man. Check out his blog for more pics of the afternoon.

Before heading off to the next appointment, took a load of photos on the terrace.

NHK continues to follow me for the rest of the day and will be filming you and I for the Tokyo Tour Package later this month.

Leaving you with more photos of Elly. She's so photogenic and looks gorgeous in all the shots - which is why I'm including them all ^^;
More photos at Mai's blog too.