Eiji Seiun Smart Doll Orders Open

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2015/12/24 13:32 JST in Smart Doll
This is for folks who are not into social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc) who may not know that the first ever soft vinyl anime-type fashion doll ever is now ready for your order.
Eiji Seiun Smart Doll was developed just like Mirai using 3D software and printed on our ATOM printers in house. The 3D prints are then duplicated in wax using silicone molds and then electromolded to produce molds.
Eiji, just like his siblings, are made and assembled in Japan. Read more about Smart Doll.
Where possible, I try to release Smart Dolls on their birthday and today (December 24th) just happens to be Eiji's birthday.
Up until now, I must admit that I have been focused more on the branding of our girls but now that Eiji is out, his branding begins and I have already appointed a few Japanese artists to work on some rather spiffing bishonen illustrations of him.
Look forward to seeing more of Eiji in the future.