Eiji Seiun Faceup Tests

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2015/06/23 22:39 JST in Smart Doll

Eiji Seiun Smart Doll Faceup Tests

Faceup Test 1 Mold 1 (T1M1)

I'm still working on faceup, eye, wig and head mold tests for Eiji. I've got a few more molds and faceups in the pipeline and plan to release all heads unpainted too so that folks can customise themselves.
I will observe feedback and reflect in final product but probably won't try to reflect *all* feedback for example when folks want thick *and* thin eyebrows, round & square & pointed chins, bigger *and* smaller eyes etc. Although it would be interesting to see what a head that took into account all feedback looked like ^^
But I've got good news folks who are not too keen on whatever the final product turns out to be - I'm also starting a program where folks can design their own heads too! Its simple - just learn 3D (like I did) from Google Sensei using free 3D software (like blender) and make a head. Then get an online 3D printing service to print the head (like Shapeways).
I will then help take your 3D print and make it into wax and then electromold the wax to make a mold which can be used for soft vinyl casting. The cost is what my vendors charge me which will be 1100000 yen that you can raise through Kickstarter. Once the mold is ready I will arrange for soft vinyl test casts to be done and put you in contact with folks who do the casting so you can liaise with them directly.
You can see more of this production process in The Making of Smart Doll post.
Anyway, I'll post more photos tomorrow. Progress has been slow of late as I'm using all my energy to fight the pain in my leg. Its like being constantly stabbed all over my leg ><
Folks who are interested in the girl models (which are available now) can check them out at smartdoll.jp
And if you missed the other post with more photos of the body then check here.


Here is Faceup test 2 on Mold 1. Less slightly less girly makeup around the eyes and larger mouth. The next faceup will be a new mold. I got a slightly grumpy Eiji but the makeup around those eyes is probably a wee bit too much.
The wig is the most challenging - this is Eiji with a shorter wig design.

Mold 2 Test

Took a lot of your feedback and am now working on Mold 2. I did not reflect all feedback as many of it conflicted with each other and he would have ended up looking like gollum.
Have a look at the following images and if you see anything niggling then take the images and tweak them in photoshop - you can use the liquid tool to do stuff like that and then share back with us. We do the head cap last.
After this anime-type head, I'm going to take on another challenge to do a real type head.


This is a very rough artist rendition of the latest 3D model based on your feedback. Ignore the pale face - Eiji must have a spot of spinal Hernia or something.
The wider the mouth however, the more difficult it is to make him smile without looking like a duck. Which is fine if you like Donald I guess.
I will do some additional structural tweaks though and factor in elements of what I want him to look like too and not just mish mash feedback - remember - I'm not out to please absolutely everybody.
I will however proceed with making the other M1 head as well as this one and release both as blanks for you to customize. I want to have the new mold ready for casting by the end of July.