POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2006/03/23 17:30 JST in Gundam

Are you fed up with the boring churn that you currently face in your current position at work? Are you also fed up that you have a git of a boss who comes in at noon, answers a few mails and then skives off for the afternoon (and cant be reached on his pager either?) Well dont despair! Stick one of these most coolsome Efreet figures on your desk and within 5 seconds you will get a call from your CEO. He will promote you to SVP, throw a million Restricted Stock Units at you and before you know it that lame boss of yours will be reporting to you - where upon you can fire his ass. But there's a catch - your CEO asks you to give him your Efreet....

This Zeonography 3008 is too cool for words - the counterpart armor being Gouf Custom making a very cool buy. I've seen an Efreet somewhere with red shoulder armor which also looks cool but dont know what thats all about.
A highly recommended figure - get it especially if you have a boss with the above description.

Off to the Tokyo Anime Fair now but the weather is really naff today - probably post a teaser or two when I get back. Muhaha.