E mobile Japan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/04/15 17:45 JST in Japan

E Mobile is a telecommunications carrier in Japan who have been popular mainly due to the wireless network cards that they offer.
This is my new spanking D12HW USB data card which gives me wireless access speeds of up to 7.2Mbps. The red area on this map shows that pretty much all of Tokyo is covered and if you drag the map you can see which other areas of Japan have E Mobile access.

The SIM card has my details on it and when the USB is plugged into any laptop, an installer boots up automatically to install the drivers. From then on, each time you want to connect to the Internets, all you have to do is use the application thats provided.
I currently pay 6700 yen per month to download as much as I want.

There is also a Mini SD Card slot in the data stick that takes up to 8GB.

They were running a promotion where folks who take out an E Mobile subscription (for two years) get the data stick for free and the Dell Mini 9 for 100 yen - 1 USD!

The Dell Mini 9 with OS X Leopard and the 7.2Mbps USB Data Card combination is a geeks dream machine!

Do you have high speed data card services in your neck of the woods too? I I heard there was some in the US from the My Dell Mini forums?

E Mobile CM Below.