doS Deka Mirai Suenaga

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2015/04/09 20:24 JST in Smart Doll
Just to let you know that Mirai Suenaga is to make an appearance in the new NTV Drama called doS Deka (Doesu Deka) pronounced "Doh Esu Deka" starring Tabe Mikako and Yoshida Yo.
Looks like Mirai skipped the anime and went directly to live action ^^
Edit post broadcast - and this is what it was like!
Mirai appears in the drama as her Smart Doll form voiced by none other than the main actress Tabe Mikako!
The drama starts today at 9PM (2015/04/11) on NTV.
I'm not allowed to reveal too much before the broadcast or I'll get in toraburu ^^
Here I'm setting up one of the filming locations in Kawasaki.
This office is supposed to be a replica of my company ^^
We moved a ton of stuff over from our current office in Gotanda.
This is where the meat of the action from the first episode happens.
Meeting with the director before filming for the next 12 hours.
The Director is Nakajima Satoru who has directed a ton of drama - and just happens to be a good friend ^^
A few Mirai props.
The Mirai used for the show had joints superglued and hair fixed with some Gatsby.
Group shot with NTV and my staff.
On the day of filming - looks like our office!
During filming the lights turned down.
Mirai appears in the first 8 mins of the show - which is kinda cool ^^
A mysterious net - will let you know what this was used for after the broadcast.
Ton of equipment on set.
And here is the scenario for episode 1.
I supervised all the angles while on set up I just saw the final episode the other day - wifey and I cried ;-;
Mirai-chan has always been quite popular outside of Japan but not so inside of Japan - until todays broadcast.
Read more about our Mirai-chan on her page.
The Mirai that appears in the show is exactly the same one that is available now. They are all made in Japan so they do take a few weeks before we can ship them out.
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