Dolls Party

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Didn't manage to go to the Winter Dolls Party but made sure that I attended the one last Tuesday.
Also known as Dollpa, this event is held a few times a year in Tokyo and Kyoto by Volks where the main theme of the show is their flagship product - Dollfie.

The first photo is taken at the Ocha-kai space where Dollfie owners bring along their sons and daughters to display on the tables while sipping some tea over a bento - will cover this bit in the next report.

On the 5th of May, there was not 1, 2 but 3 otaku related events - Comitia (doujin), Dream Party (maids and figures) and the Dollpa. I only bothered to enter the Dollpa halls which took me from 10am to 3pm to finish - no break included.

The entrance of Dollpa at the East 5 and 6 halls of Tokyo Big Sight.

Many doll parent comrades lined up since about 6AM for a chance to adopt a new daughter or son. The Dollfies are so popular that they need to have a raffle - too much demand and not enough supply.
Folks I met up with were Cut A News, Zareds, Hisahi,, Suuji and Taitan - check out their sites for more from Dollpa.

At the Volks stands. Mikuru in Little Busters gear.
I still am trying to figure out how some eroge becomes much popular and franchised than others.

Aoi-chan does Little Busters too.

Yukino does Clannad.

More pics of Fate in the Dollfie Fate T Harlaown post.

More pics of Nanoha also in the Dollfie Fate T Harlaown post.

Gorgeous Miko style outfit for Haruhi.

I think this is Feena.


Maid Tamaki.

Komaki. I think this outfit is available on the Volks store.

Ryomo in her default gear.

Kanu in her China dress.

Thought this illustration of Aoi was cute.

Saber Alter.


Rin Tosaka.

Default Saber with extra accessories.

The main stage where events were held throughout the day. Much of it was announcing lottery and auction winners. Heard items going for up to about 450000 yen.

They also had announcements in English, Korean and Chinese as there were quite a few gaijin folks too.

Was a really relaxed event with folks sitting about to chat about their young ones and shopping going on at the other end of the hall.

Dont know who this is - Super Dollfie I think.

Some really nice looking holsters with guns - 18000 yen price tag prevented me from buying.

Gunslinger Girl style?

Erika Sendo military style.

Another unfamiliar Super Dollfie.


For our loli fans.

Nono Gunbuster outfit.

Asuka looks completely different here. 5000 yen for this outfit.

Saber looks sweet with any hairstyle of outfit. Am so glad to have her ^^

Was considering adopting Kanu for my next daughter...

...but ended up adopting Ryomo instead - shes on the right. Find her face much sweeter. Her lace outfit here going for 3500 yen.

Some traditional stuff.

Wots his name from Macross Frontier.

Alto gear.

Ranka Lee cosplay.

Sheryl cosplay.

Erika Sendo. Want that wig.

For those who don't mind their daughters wearing just that little bit less.

Traditional gothic fusion dresses - 8000 yen.

Give your daughter a nuns uniform so that you can confess to her.

Very sweet doctor cosplay. Looks like a custom head.

Would not mind being beaten by her nunchucks.

Wots her name from Queens Blade.

Erika Sendo with an M bust dress.

I think this is Kotori.


At the moment my girls have resin anime eyes. Not quite ready for the glass type yet.

There were quite a few Chinese and Korean dealers too - this was on the desk of a Chinese dealer.

Some China dresses for both M and L busts.

They also had a "beauty salon" which seemed more like a clinic where experts at Volks would help owners tighten up the string inside their dolls and attend to other blemishes and illnesses. Dollfie Dreams have a plastic frame so don't end up with the loose elastic syndrome - but do get loose joint syndrome.

I notice that doll owners treat their dolls how one would treat their human children. They buy clothes and accessories, come their hair, dress them up and what have you.
I saw many folks carrying, patting and stroking their dolls as they walked around the event. There is something about dolls which make you look at them differently than just a figure or an ornament. Was trying to figure out why and maybe its because of the hair, eyes or clothes that make them look closer to humans?

Whatever it is, I do find myself handling my daughters with much more care than a figure and treat them as if they have a spirit inside them - like they were really alive I guess ^^;

One example is where I'm dressing or positioning one of my daughters and the wig falls off - I would say "sorry!"
Asked a few other doll owners and they say the same ^^;

Darn. Should have picked up this custom head for 8000 yen. Folks who are thinking of adoption can also go for the option of finding parts at a show. At the previous Doll Show and at Dollpa, I saw Dollfie bodies with M or L busts selling for about between 12000 yen and 18000 yen. You can then pick up a custom head and then a wig for about 3500 yen. I'm not partial about the licensed character outfits and would rather have my girls wear casual clothes.

While some doll parents cherish and love their young ones, some parents prefer to give their sons or daughters a different kind of love. The whips and body straps n chains were available for purchase.

Bumped into a Dollfie parent carrying his daughter around. Tis very common at doll shows. Some carried their daughters over their shoulder and some even had special stands to carry them around in.

Kotori as Rin.


The footwear on sale was quite reasonable - 2500 yen for any pair.

Not sure what style this is.

Another sweet looking Saber.

This place lets you bring your own cloth and they will make one of these traditional garnments for you.

No idea what these are.

Some more gorgeous dresses.

Nice outfit. Not sure which character.

Index cosplay.

Sheryl cosplay.

Mind is drawing a blank - Macross Frontier.

Just like the Wonfes, dealers are allowed to sell licensed costumes. Unless they have a license agreement directly with the license holder, the dealer can only sell these outfits at shows like Dollpa or Wonfes.

Looks like another custom head.

Yukino with M bust.

This was on the table with the other licensed stuff. Not sure which character.

Nice punk gear.

They had these fluffy ears on sale for folks who like that Strike Witches look.

This is what the inside of a Dollfie Dream looks like. The black bit is a custom neck joint which allows for more movement.

Was considering this bow n arrow set for a while - 3000 yen.

More traditional garnments.

For the loli fans.

More Clannad gear.

Another Super Dollfie.

The Vocaloid girls get a ride on the maguro.

Some miniature teriyaki chicken, manga and crisps.

And its time for some curry at Big Sight before heading back in the rain. The best part from the Dollpa is the tea space where a lot of crazy shenanigans go on - coming up next.

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