Dolls Party 23 Part 2

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/05/22 20:00 JST in Dollfie

Very late follow up from Dolls Party 23 Part 1. First up we have some of the K-ON! girls get together for a quick photo to be followed by some yuri action later.

Here we have some of the Twitter Doll Cluster members. Unfortunately we got split up into 3 different groups after the event so didn't manage to get a whole group shot.

Dollpa in the morning. Everyone here is lining up for the chance of bringing home a new daughter.

The boss of Volks Hideyuki Shigeta opens the ceremony. Also got to meet him for the Canal Plus filming.

The other end of the hall is where all the dealers are ready for the door opening dash. All the tables on this end of the photo are for the tea space and got completely filled within the first 10 mins of opening.

Twitter Doll Cluster table setup with a gathering of gorgeous musume from all over Japan. is where many of the Twitter Doll Cluster post their musume's photos which you can check out under the Dollfie category.

Yui and Mio seem to be readily available to buy online - wondering which I should get for my dad. He wants Saber though ^^;

Filming with the Canal Plus team.

Interviewing comrades for the show.

More comrades show of their new daughters.

Trolley being used as a quick n dirty dolly for the camera. Why is it called a "Dolly" anyway?

Hope the show will help to increase more adoptions ^^

Dollfies need to protect themselves from time to time - from their owner?

Nice frilly boots.

Hotaru brings along is 3 Eva daughters.

Hotaru is a dab hand at making stuff and shows us the cute eye patches for his girls.

Hotaru's custom made light saber.

Hotaru shows us his Eva Miku creation in progress.

Saber gets a new pair of ears made by Hotaru.

Just before the end of Dollpa, as always they do bingo where the prizes range from wigs to postcards (?!)

Saber gets ready to head home.

Hotaru-sans bag is most cool - can fit 3 girls in there! Comes with wheels and a pull out handle too.

And then there was a chap who brought his girls along in a suitcase!

Time for some after event grub with the lads and ladies.

Ordered some goodies made to order from UK doll seamstress ddotark. Gorgeous packaging!

Tis a pair of slips (?) to be worn by the girls at home.

The orange goes over the white like so. Took a load of pics of Aoi-chan in this gear and cant wait to show you!

Also got some casual gear. The top is a bit too thin though and makes my girls look cold all the time ^^;

Very cute. Looks good with black boots.

Also picked up a shirt with black trousers. Dont match my girls that well so will swap for something else. Maybe at a doll meetup when I'm in LA this July?

These are quite nice casual shoes. 1500 yen. Wanted orange though.

Boots were 3500 yen?

Managed to get my grubby mitts on the Volks headphones. I think they were 3000 yen.

Nicely crafted.

Meow. Going to leave you here to have a look at the rest of the Dollpa festivities as I prep a backlog of posts. But before I go, check out more Dollpa 23 festivities from the collection of reports at Ebisu Pier and Taitan.

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