Dollism Plus Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2012/08/19 21:37 JST in Doll
The Hong Kong based doll event Dollism Plus for the first time ever took place in Japan today. Unlike the Hong Kong event, the Japanese event focused on whats known as Kaigai Doll ] meaning non-Japanese doll makers.
A few years ago, any non-Japanese dolls were banned from being brought into doll events such as Dollpa and Doll Show meaning that there were no events in Japan that catered for foreign doll makers and fans of their products.
Dollism Plus Tokyo is a venue for all dolls (including Japanese dolls) where folks can take a gander at the latest releases, buy some kit for their siblings and mix with like minded folks.
Todays event took place in Asakusa - was an absolutely gorgeous (but very hot) day.
Reached the venue - huuuge queue.
My Ninja training payed off - managed to sneak in before everybody to get some photos.
This is the Esadol booth.
These lads look kinda cool - legs and arms as long as the Code Geass lads.
I hear the girls like tall boys - is that true?
All the dolls featured at Dollism Plus Tokyo are called Cast Dolls - all made of resin and held together with elastic inside.
Just about anybody (with the right contacts) can start their own line of Cast Dolls on a small budget. If we are talking vinyl however then costs increase ten fold and production is not so easy as metal moulds are required.
I've started to dabble in Cast Dolls and now own 3 of them! Photos soon.
I wasn't a fan of non anime type faced dolls but now they've grown on me!
Makers and sellers who participated in the event included CROBIDOLL, Dearmine, DreamingDoll, Iplehouse, I.O.S, PIPOS, PeaksWoods, BlueFairy, Nobility, ANGELHEIM, RingDoll, SPIRITDOLL, SOULDOLL, POPODOLL, DollClans, Nine9 Style, TTYA, SADOL, PrincessDoll, RSDOLL, Ajumapama and GLIB.
And if you were wondering - yes the male doll body is anatomically correct ^^;
An Iplehouse doll.
There were a load of apparel makers which my wallet fell victim to!
Popular Seoul based doll clothing store Nine9Style.
The handsome lads of I.O.S (Immortality Of Soul). This guy is 80cm tall!
This girl is gorgeous - at the booth of CROBIDOLL.
At the booth of TTYA - they do great clothes. I picked up those jean pants and a hoodie - they gave me a beanie as a gift ^^;
Forgot to buy these ><
Resin eyes get.
A peek out the window - t'was a really nice day today!
The place was packed - looks like they will need a bigger venue next time.
A load of wigs available too.
Met 3 dealers who can also do OEM. If you are a doll seamstress and would like to mass produce your stuff then you need to network with the folks selling clothes at events!
A look at the auction models. Infront of each doll is a box where people would put in a piece of paper with the amount that they are willing to bid on the doll. Then later that day, they announce who won each doll. Be prepared to pay up to around 100000 yen for each.
This is my fave from Dreaming Doll.
Another cutie by Nine9Style.
Only a handful of Dollfies - but at least they were let in.
Blue Fairy - went to visit their Doll Cafe in Seoul the other day.
The folks who run the Japanese version of Dollism Plus are Dolk who will also be joining us at Culture Japan Night Summer 2012!