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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/03/20 00:00 JST in Dollfie

Was around the Mong Kok area looking for the Slingbox with no luck - need an NTSC ver that I can plug in back at home in Tokyo.
Remembered that Natalie's shop Dollfie World was also in the area so popped into have a lookie.

Went just after 3PM where they had just opened shop. Its not a huge store but has enough for you to walk away with an extra hold in yer wallet. The Peter Pan Tinker Bell doll is quite cute - like a Nendoroid. They also has a few Dollfie Dreams that you can pick up off the shelf providing that you have the moolah.

And they have a few Super Dollfies too.

A load of wigs.

Some footwear available too.

More clothes....

...and more. Much of it is the same price as you will find in Japan.

Display area with a few sons n daughters.

And some gifts from Steps Walker and Dollfie World which arrived many moons ago that I never got round to looking at.

First up is a Lightsaber that actually lights up and slices fingers off.

Uses button cell batteries just like real Lightsabers.

Regarding the meetup at Dollfie World tomorrow - some of the folks in the Dollfie news report will be there.

Foldable chair - useful for outings ^^

Fold up the chair and place it inside your T-shirt discreetly. A few left at Dollfie World for 440 HK dollars.

The daughters get something big n shiny and sharp to slice n dice up bad people.

Its so sharp that it can slice through concrete like this. Available for 320 HK dollars from Dollfie World.

Dollfie World also sent me this Dollfie stand which comes with the standard saddle.

Took me ages to work out why it had a hole in the middle ^^;
Then took a look at the product detail page and realized what the hole was for.

Attach the base to a tripod like this...

...and then get decent outdoor shots without your daughters looking like mini people all the time - the tripod and base helps raise them to a human height.

Example of Nanoha at human height - photo would have probably looked better with more bokeh in the background.
Get this at Dollfie World for 450 HK dollars.

And how about those poses where your girls are lying on their belly? Their heads cant tip up far enough because of the default neck joint.

Dollfie World has these replacement joints for daughters who want up be able to look up at the stars while lying on their belly. This is an example of how far the neck joint goes. Does not look like a lot here but makes a huge difference.

Replacement is simple - just loosen two screws. Available for 480 HK dollars from Dollfie World.

And this is where we are meeting up tomorrow Saturday 20th at 3PM - Dollfie World is down stairs. We will be chatting and taking photos and wot not and have a few snacks around the corner. I need to whip off for a dinner meeting in the evening though.
The first few to arrive get a lanyard ^o^
Address: Shops B29-B30, B50 B/F Ginza Plaza, 2A Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Hong Kong.
Get off at Mong Kok station and exit E2. Walk down Sai Yeung Choi street to the right and you will see Ginza Plaza on the other side of the street.