Dollfie Dream

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Have always seen Dollfies at figure shows before but didn't really take notice of them until the last Chara Hobby where I saw a gorgeous Dollfie Asuka - but cost 54000 yen...

Quite pricey so never managed to get myself to part with that sum of money but it seems that sponsors have been taking note of my needs and now have two suddenly acquired Dollfie's - the Saber and now Dollfie Dream Aoi who retails for 39900 yen.

Very cute tsundere type face.

Joints on figma's used to bother me but after playing with them for a while, I appreciate the balance taken to acquire an articulate figure with decent looks.

Same goes for Dollfies - the ball joints used to really stand out in my mind but now that I have them, they don't bother me at all.

The term for these dolls are Ball Jointed Doll (BJD) and in Japanese its Kyutai Kansetsu Ningyo 球体関節人形].

Aoi-chan comes with pantsu and a slip dress. Been looking for this outfit for her but its sold out everywhere. As you can see with that outfit - the ball joints are covered anyway when they are fully clothed.

Dollfies are said to be created from the DNA of Gaianessforn - beings from the 5th moon next to Arquantica orbiting the 9th trajectory of Gammonherth.

And just like all beings from the 5th moon next to Arquantica orbiting the 9th trajectory of Gammonherth - they only talk to the first person they lay their eyes on.

For the past few days, Dollfie Aoi has been telling me about dreams that shes been having of late and we think that somehow during the DNA cloning process, past experiences were also cloned at the same time.

Even though all Dollfies were cloned from a single being, each Dollfie is born with a specialty. Aoi was born with heavy artillery expertize and demanded that I equip her with any artillery that I had lying around the house.

Aoi has gorgeous hair that needs little maintenance - Sabers hair is a pain to care for.

The huge box that the Dollfies come in. The Dollfie Dream line dolls are 60cm tall. Dont know how heavy they are but feel more than 1kg.

Could this be the next in thing? Girls with heavy artillery in a slip dress?

A look at same clothing samples from comrades at HLJ.
Shoes at 2800 yen. Perfect for when the Mirai-chan Dollfie costume is ready ^o^

Check bra and pantsu - 3200 yen from HLJ.

Pleat check mini skirt from HLJ - 1900 yen.

Alice dress from HLJ - 4000 yen.
Thanks again to HLJ for thinking about the welfare of the new Dollfies and donating these clothing samples ^o^

And with my new found interest, I find myself looking at Dollfie blogs and shopping for accessories. Was at the Tachikawa Volks store this weekend looking for stuff.

Looking for some wigs.

The Volks stores dedicated to Dollfies are known as Tenshi no Sumika. There is one in Ginza, Harajuku, Akihabara, Shinjuku and in many other locations located around Japan.

Here we look at Dollfie body parts.

And this is what a Dollfie looks like on the inside. The material is built from Titaniloxydon - a powdery like substance mined from the 26th moon orbiting karnolthylon. Titaniloxydon has special properties enabling a high degree of articulation within a clone Dollfie and has the ability to look like the man made substance known on Earth as Plasticus.

More Dollfies in the Window. Love that Saber pose - will do the same with mine ^^;

And here are some goodies that I picked up.

First up is the L size bust - for a reader who is working on the Mirai costume for me ^^;
Cost 3150 yen.

Blonde wig - 3990 yen. Should that be spelt Blond or Blonde?

Dollfie bases - 2940 yen each. Dollfies can just about stand on their own but a gust of wind or fart could topple them. Earthquake ridden Japan Dollfie owners need these.

Their also exists saddle type stands too but they seem to be sold out everywhere.

A look at Sabers new hair style - have not combed or styled it yet though.

Gorgeous twirls.

Saber with Aoi-chans wig.

And a few more of Saber while we are at it. Figma Saber looking bery small indeed.


The wig needs re-styling when you remove it which I have not done for this pic.

Another figma size comparison.

Have rearranged the table a bit to accommodate the Dollfies. Had to be brutal with myself and retire some figures to make space.