Doll Friend

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/10/22 15:59 JST in Japanese Idols

In previous Candy Girl posts, many of you who want one raised two problems - cant afford the 620000 yen and don't have anywhere to hide her even if you got one.
Today we look at the solutions to these problems.

First off is the price tag problem which is easily solved. Doll Mate (NSFW) is an online dealer that specializes in selling second hand dolls - you can pick up a Candy Girl like the one shown above for a laughable 200000 yen. If you can forgive her for being with another man then this solution should work well for you.

The other problem of a hiding place for your Candy Girl is simple and puzzles me as to why nobody thought of it in the first place. All you do is sit her at your desk like the picture below and pretend its a friend who has come over to help with your homework.
Photos from Tabo-san.