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Nao Shirahane (also known as DMYO) is another artist who I have admired the works of for many moons and was most pleased indeed when she said that she would do a doodle of our Mirai-chan.
Shirahane-sensei has been an active illustrator for many years now and is currently working with many media companies in Tokyo such as Konami, Gainax, Ascii Media works and more. A project she has been working on of late is the up n coming eroge Sucre. Apart from the work in this post, Shirahane-sensei and I are working together on illustrations for an electronics company which hopefully I can talk about at AX.
One of the most sweetest Mirai's renditions I've clapped eyes on so far!
A look at some of her doujins of late.
Shirahane-sensei loves White Album. Yuki looks gorgeous here.
"Snow Ring" is the name of the site and circle that she runs.
Some of her latest collaboration work with Nishimata Aoi.
Kyubey and Mami together.
Sensei's Tohou work.
Yuki kawaiii!
Yuki has nice eyes.
Sensei said she likes to draw shoulders and bums ^^;
Some of her oreimo illustrations.
This illustration was on the cover of one of the Dengeki mags. Cant remember which one though.
And you can get all the wallpapers below from Flickr - you need to use the Action menu and choose "All Sizes" to grab the largest 2560px x 1600px version. If you get a complaint from Flickr saying that you need to log in then lemme know.
Once Mirai-chan's website is up, I'll distribute the Photoshop files for you to play around with.
Leaving you with progress shots of the Mirai-chan she doodled for me on a Shikishi.
Shirahane-sensei is another example of somebody who focused on her passion to illustrate and came over to Japan from Korea to start her career. Shes only been in Japan for a few years but speaks pretty much perfect Japanese.
Its great to be able to work with so many international artists from around the world who have been influenced by Japanese Pop Culture.