POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2007/08/31 02:46 JST in Gadgets
Just got back from a press conference held by Sanyo today for their new full HD Xacti. This is bad news...
The reason this is bad is because I just got my other Xacti recently and there is no way that I will get authorization from my wife to buy this most awesome DMX-HD1000.
This is the world smallest Full HD 1920x1080 video camera. The video quality is staggering.
Sorry about this blurry shot - taking pictures with one hand on an SLR is tough ^^;
Released at the same time are these HM-W300 digital wireless mic system units. The units are open price.
You can attach the DMX-HD1000 directly to an external hard drive to save and view movies.
Open price but Sanyo reckons that this will go for about 120000 yen.
Interface is much easier to use than previous models.
Sanyo are keeping the lens large to let in more light.
Truly awesome - I need one!
The circle on the back of the camera glows neon blue and looks rather coolsome.
Get yourself along to Akihabara News to see more specs on this mean machine.