Desk Diary 2014/11/27

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2014/11/26 18:34 JST in Desk Diary
Going to try something crazy - update the website with a post everyday ^^;
For the past year its been challenging posting updates while building an entirely new business of fashion dolls - its either that I spend time on stabilizing and growing the production line or do updates to the site and unfortunately I've always put the business first.
It will take another half year before the production line stabilizes as I've decided to build our own soft vinyl molding factory here in Tokyo - up until now we worked with vendors but now we have to learn how to do the molding ourselves but am excited at the change this brings which gives us more control over quantity and quality.
We moved into new office at the beginning of August which meant that wifey and I were able to move back into our house - it was really nice being able to move back home after living in temporary housing for just under a year.
Anyway, this is my workspace at home. On a clear day, the evening sun always shines into the room casting a warm golden brown beam which takes me back to the days before I started this company back in 2005 - my first desk was up here on the third floor.
I've decided to keep the room as clean as possible without too many dolls or figures/posters etc. A few moons ago when I spoke to folks like Aki-san (goodsmile boss), I would be baffled as to why they didn't have any figures at home but now that we have our own proper office - I start to understand why its important to have a good separation between work and home.
Maybe its because I'm getting old but I find it difficult to concentrate or think when there are too many distractions and feel that those distractions are introduced through having too many "things" around the place which need "attending" to.
The lack of updates means that I've been losing track of time without leaving a record of what I've been doing for the past year which is not good - will try to update daily but updates will be tidbits and thoughts for the day - not major 80-photo-long posts.
This photo of the same room taken back in Feb 2007 - the year I registered the company "Mirai Inc."
Back then it was just me and wifey doing the accounting. I had been into figures for a wee bit and had been using mac for a couple of years after jumping the Amazonian ship - and still using Mac even after joining Microsoft ^^;
My workspace at the office however is colorful and filled with love for Mirai-chan which is also a nice break from the minimalist workspace at home so its nice to be able to get the best of both worlds. Today we have 10 members of staff.
How has your workspace changed over the years?
This was just a quick update before the new office tour in the next Desk Diary.