Desk Diary 2012/10

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Busy as usual ^^;
Been working on the launch of MiraiClock3 for the android (and iOS version update), filming and production of Japan Mode (broadcast date delayed), a new line of Mirai merchandise and production of what will become the flagship product for my company - involves 3D production, moulds and a huge factory line ><

Also preparing for my trip to New York Comicon and AFA Singapore soon after.

Preparing posts for this site do take a while (which I dont have that much time to do these days ><) so I've been updating my social networks much more often - my Twitter real time on the move in Tokyo, Facebook and my Instragram ID is "dannychoo".

Anyway, its been a reaaaally long time since we took a look at this end of the office. In the previous instalment we only took a look at changes in the lounge area - today we look at whats going on where all the work goes on. Some of these photos go quite a way back and slowly catch up to the present.

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This Poll is now expired

I do try to keep the office as clean as possible. There is not much time left and I dont want to waste sand by needlessly looking for stuff. But sometimes...

...things get out of hand ^^; This usually happens when it gets toooooo busy.

It's all a mess again ^^;

Comrade Yoshimi is raiding my stash of figures!

Up until I got these trainers, I always wore leather shoes but I really needed something that I could walk around in for a long time without doing in my spinal hernia. Saw these bright orange Reeboks in our local shopping arcade and quickly nabbed them ^^;

That useful hole in the ceiling continues to deliver goodies - anything here that tickles your little fancy? This was before the bike got Itarized.

Got myself an AirDaki (Air Dakimakura) and a pump...

...and this is what its for - to display the Mirai-chan dakimakura in the corner. Not comfy to hug though ^^;

I was going to release this DMYO version of Mirai Suenaga but other projects of much higher priority cropped up.
How many of you own a dakimakura anyway?

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Got one of these torso hangers... that Mirai's Summer Uniform looks more curvy.

Now the Dakimakura and school uniform look much better on display - very important for events!

Needed some mobile juice so got myself a fancy looking GumPlus - unfortunately it didn't fancy working so returned it...

Got myself a Powerbank instead - been working well so far.

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Old MacBook Pro bit the dust and was completely out of warranty - served me well though. Before chucking it out, I remove the memory and destroy the HDD with a hammer ^^;

Looking for stuff to throw away. I'll keep my XBOX so out goes the box although there is a really nice cutie on it! I tend to only keep boxes for stuff that I'm not sure I'll keep long term.
Many folks save boxes in the event of a move but moving services in Japan are just incredibly fantastic and take great care in looking after and wrapping your goodies.

Going through old magazines and found a cutie who needs identifying!

Did you know that Good Smile Company make toilet paper too?

More stuff from the ceiling - Dakimakura of the heroines from the Yuzusoft game Dracuriot. This page shows the full length (censored) illustrations. If you like these illustrations then you will like this version of Mirai Suenaga illustrated by Kobuichi sensei.

Got the Fiio E10 USB DAC/Amp for my iMac (about 7800 yen). iMac owners will know what a pain it is to plug in and out the headphone socket on the back - with this USB device, I can leave the headphones plugged in and route all the sound from the internal speakers to the headphones via the freeware SoundSource.

USB powered, compact and looks cool too ^^

Spent half a year filming my morning TV show on Tokyo MX TV called Check Time.

Another daughter joins the ranks who hailed from Dollfie World. If you are looking for a particular girl - ping Natalie at Dollfie World *before* a Doll Party or After event and let her know what you want - she will try her best to get whatever you want.

This is Aoi Ver2. Its incredible that just a minor change of makeup can completely transform the look - so cute!

Picked up a couple of USB Key Drive's from Amazon at 980 yen each to manage some of my workflow.

A cheerleader joins the office.

My last Beng Beng ;-;

Recently been dabbling in BJD stringed dolls too - got this lovely lady from Iplehouse who is the YID Basic Girl Erica. Dollfies are great and all but stringed BJD's are awesome too. Will be posting more from the BJD scene.

The first Dollfie Dreams that came out were stringed - interesting to see how they pretty much used the same mould and just replaced the string with an inner skeleton.

Got this 64GB Micro SD card Class 10 for my Galaxy S3 - currently 5180 yen from Amazon which is about a few 1000 yen cheaper than when I first got it a few months ago ^^;

Photo taken some time back in Spring before the Summer heatwave hit us ><

Prezzies from Mr ceiling.

Spent a lot of the Summer filming Japan Mode.

Reina-chan eating toast *and* ramen at the same time.

While I speak, read and write Korean, I cant type without looking at where Hangul is on the keys - picked up these keyboard skins while in Seoul recently.

Then I got the "You Wa Shock" when I placed the skin over my keyboard - does not fit because my MacBook Air has the Japanese keyboard layout...

Scalpel knife to the rescue - just cut off the other keys which didn't contain any Hangul anyway.

Other side of the office behind me.

Thinking of making the Ita Curtains seasonal.

Some new additions to the figure shelves.

The cable boxes help a lot - used to look really bad under here!

Put the cable box on a polystyrene block which makes dusting a wee bit easier.

The mousepad you see there was a production sample - the final production ones looked like this but are currently sold out.

More of the lounge area and how I stuck up the TV and sound bar on the wall in the previous instalment.

Much bigger than the previous office but gets cramped when a few of us are working here.

Woofer that goes with the sound bar.

Regarding the Mirai Summer Uniform for dolls, the factory I was working with previously didn't produce the quality that I was looking for. Each time a sample came back with changes, something else would look completely different!
The reason why it takes me ages to release a product is because I need the quality to meet expectations. Its difficult to make a perfect product at launch as they always evolve over time - but at least I must try to get it as close to perfect as possible - even if it means keeping customers waiting.

Recently however, I've found another factory - met the boss at Dollism Plus Tokyo and am working with them from scratch with learnings from my previous experience.

I took a risk (cash and time wise) to work with the previous factory but things didn't turn out as I hoped. However, I dont see the exercise as a loss but more of a gain - a learning that I would not have gained if I didn't do anything. I learned about the processes involved in making doll clothes overseas, materials that are available in different regions, expectations of the factories and wot not.

Remember - if there is something that you want to venture out to do - results are brought about by doing anything as something always leads to something and nothing will always lead to nothing.

This is just an example of a small risk with relatively small gains for now - the bigger risks tend to harbour bigger gains - will talk about that in a different post.

Cutie Shinobu Oshino.

Will need lot more space for the Mirai Merchandise corner by the end of this year ><

E-Mount lenses for my Sony NEX-5N which I've been using since last December - taken photos for a review and uploaded them but have not had time to write the post ><

Downloaded that free clock app for the PS Vita - works nice as a desk clock. The cog wheels move as the seconds tick.

I guess some folks would call these "the real boys toys" ?

That jacket stains ><

Reina-chan enjoying her new Moekana T-shirt - human ones come first though.

Ryomo in Mirai's Solar Marine gear.

Saber in Mirai's Maid Uniform.

Mami covering up her Mammies.

Black Rock Beast - such a cool figma.

Some of my fave Nendoroids.

Probably the best looking scale Yui figure to date?

The Blue Snowball permanently attached to the Mac for Skype and TV narration.

Still the best Tamaki Kousaka figure out there. Released a while back by Max Factory.

Plant and figure life.

Moved the iMac to the corner of the desk - much easier to remove cables from the back and the desk feels like its got more real estate for me to play with. Another reason why I moved it here was because my girls were melting sitting on the window ledge ^^;

Priority of the Itamado project also fell too ><

1/7 scale Alisa Ilyinichna Omela from God Eater Burst. Manufacturer is Plum and was released in July. Had no idea who she was but when I saw her at the previous Wonder Festival, I had to pick her up! I usually buy figures because of their looks - not because of the character. I've seen so many crap figures of characters I like but would not touch with a barge pole.

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Heard of God Eater Burst before but didnt take too much notice of it - kinda looked like Monster Huner which I'm lousy at. Now that I've seen more of it however, I'll probably download through PSN to play on the PS VITA.

Or I could wait for the PS Vita version out next year.

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More fave figma's.

The Gundam shelf is back.

Lots of work goes on behind me too.

Some doll guests come over from time to time - can you guess the owner?

Yohco from Kawaii Otaku pops over for a visit!

Winner of Cosplay Tale Version-san also pops over for a visit.

Printed a huge tapaulin banner at Prio - delivered the day after submitting data - awesome service! This illustration by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.

Back of the banner.

Everything can be taken apart and stuck in the provided carrier bag.

Was so pleased with the quality and service that I ordered a Winter and Solar Marine version too! Recently used them at the latest Culture Japan Night in Tokyo.

Very recent photo of the figure and doll corner.

And another snap taken just the other day.