Desk Diary 2011/06

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The last time I wrote Desk Diary was in April - I think there is one missing since then but I cant find it ^^; These photos taken before I left for a trip around the world - first stop being France.

Since I got back from Los Angeles, I've been dealing with 3 weeks of work that piled up. Most of my time of late is taken up by Konami, Kadokawa and Culture Japan Season 2 production. Have just finished writing the scenario which has a nice balance of Japan and Pop Culture. Last time round I directed the show but this time round I'm directing, producing and will be doing more editing and filming too.

Shortly before leaving for France, it was time to gas the house again with some Earth Red. The common way to get rid of bugs in Japan is by using these canisters. You pour in some water and then run before the smoke gets you! You can see these in action below - different brand though.

The smoke from the canisters are designed to attack the nervous systems of bugs and should not be harmful to anything else around the house - but leaving my girls out with the smoke was something I just could not do! Here they are surrounded by a SSNS (Sonic Sheet Nebulus Shield) which looks like a plastic bag.

Finishing up work before leaving the house for a few hours - the house should be sealed with all windows closed and ideally you should be away for at least 3 hours. Plants are kept outside during the wipeout process.

Extra layer of protection for the girls ^^;

3rd floor wipeout initiated - evacuate to the second floor!

2nd floor wipeout initiated - evac to 1st floor!

1st floor wipeout initiated - ruuuuun!
For folks who are wondering what would happen if you stayed to watch - while the smoke is designed not to harm objects around the house other than bugs - staying to watch is generally a bad idea. Some folks however decided to give it a try...

Wifey and I go to Lalaport in Toyosu for dindins and come back after a few hours. Word of advice - don't get curious like I did and sniff the canister - or you will be choking for the rest of the evening ^^;;;;;

The wipeout process generally exterminates all insects around the house like this little fella. Cockroaches are my weak point - to me they are much more scarier than Predators or Aliens or Face Huggers.

Back from a meeting with Konami - they serve their own water during meetings.

iPad 2 get.

Picked up this Power Tube thingy to give my iPhone and PSP extra juice in case I ran out during outings abroad.

Charges via USB.

Lots of adapters to plug into holes in your body here and there.

iPhone charging in action.

Office always gets a wee bit messy before a trip abroad.

I got a few figma Mirai Suenaga's and some of them have very loose faces! I heard some of you have the same problem but you can do what I do and just plop on some blu-tac or putty.
The only good thing about this is that it reminds me how much I like Face Off.

Whenever I have meetings with King Records, stuff appears on my desk for some reason. Here we have the Bluray for Katteni Kaizo and Denpa Onna.

Gorgeous packaging. I've seen some packaging of officially licensed titles outside of Japan and they just seem to consist of a case, and disc. How important is DVD/Bluray packaging to you?

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Afternoon tea and snacks.

Tidying up a few editions of Weekly Ascii - I loose track of which of these I appear in ^^;

Some of my entertainment of late.

Larger lettering for the Mirai Itasha bonnet.

Trooper will be back dancing on the streets of Tokyo soon.

Anime stamps are always cool - I love Chibi Maruko.

July is the month where we are supposed to transition fully to a digital broadcast signal - but am guessing that they will extend it a bit. Is your neck of the woods broadcasting digitally?

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Will be making a selection of goods from the Moekana series. Got back some T-Shirt samples which still need work on.

This is my fave - Akumakko.

I love this one too! - the halo came out all odd because there was a glow on it - will remove it for the final run.

An up n coming Moekana - To (と) for Tokyo Tower - Mirai-chan in bus tour guide gear.

That hole in the ceiling is at it again - our new members of staff will be required to take some of these on a regular basis before I trip up over them ^^;

The old office on the 3rd floor is now a guestroom / stockroom ^^; Need to make a couple of hours to clean up.

The girls cupboard is full!

When I forget to fix the white balance on the camera, photos come out yellow like this.

Got just a couple O figma Mirai for marketing purposes ^^; Will be giving most of these away soon.

Picked up Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for the PSP which I was supposed to play on the plane but only managed to fit in about 45 mins ^^; I've gotten lousy over the years - probably because I'd rather go in shooting than sneaking around ^^;

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Charging up for the long trip.

Packing stuff for Yuki-chan.

A gander at some of the Sonicomi stuff. As you know, Mirai-chan is in the game but I only recently found out at the Good Smile X Nitroplus panel that I'm in the game too! ^^;

A load of Sonico stuff that the Nitroplus boss Kosaka-san sent over.

And the rest of the post are photos from this issue of Gemaga which features Sonico-chan on the cover.

I need to start practicing Street Fighter for the tournaments next year at Los Angeles CGM Night 2012.

The girls in Meruru are so cute! ><

I last about 5 seconds on the first round of Diva.

Looks like the reason to get the Nintendo 3DS - Senran Kaguya (閃乱カグラ) - another word for "Oppai Action"

Twin Angel PSP game. Speaking of which - Mirai-chan will be in Episode 4 of the Twin Angel anime next week!

The Nendoroid PSP game.

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