Desk Diary 2011/03

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2011/04/16 15:26 JST in Desk Diary

Folks who follow my Twitter or Facebook will know that I've been spending a lot of time running around Tokyo working on trying to build up the business. New clients such as Dentsu, Kadokawa and King Records have been keeping me rather busy. The Japanese government (METI) have also been handing me challenging projects too ^o^

Other stuff that I'm working on are things like Mirai-chan's cameo anime appearances (which start in this Summers season), Culture Japan TV preparations, product development and prepping a few talks too - one of which will be done at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

Am also constantly spending time with many illustrators who are working on art work of our Mirai-chan.

Event planning is another thing that I'm working on - in particular Anime Expo. The organizers flew in from LA and will be coming over to the office in a couple of hours.

Must also find time late this month/early next month to do volunteer work up North for a few days.

Took these photos last month before the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake. Prepared some of the post but didn't get round to finishing it off until today ^^;
First off is the big change in the office - this corner used to have a table like so but we decided to move it up to the third floor instead.

Table vacated ready for a vacuum.

Brought the sofa down from the 2nd floor. Feels nice n cosy!

Got many visitors to the office and would often need to bring chairs down from the 2nd floor which was a pain - now they all sit on the sofa instead.

Me not too keen on the sofa cover but wifey insisted - her decision is absolute!

Adding lighting in dark corners helps make the room feel not so cramped - which is another reason why I have lights shining up from beneath my desk.


Not much change around this end of the room.

Completed 3rd Birthday. Currently playing Valkyria Chronicles 3.

Sticking up a Clear Rack near the sofa for some figma's. Simple to put up as all they require are a few pins in the wall.

Need to tidy this cabinet - tis a mess.

Adjusted the height of a few shelves so that the air purifier can fit.

Still messy up here - will think of something at a later date ^^;

While cleaning up earlier on, came across some nengajo which are new year greeting cards from some of the companies that I work with. Also some Christmas cards mixed in here too.

From Chun.

From Taitan.

Sorting out the HDs from the first season of Culture Japan TV. Each is 2TB. An uncompressed full HD Prores 30 min episode is about 50GB ToT

Cleaning up the bookshelf a wee bit.

A few spare Macs at the time which are in use now.

That Super Sculpey and tools are going to end up being a year untouched ToT.

3rd Floor which ended up like this after the earthquake.

And this is what the office looked like this morning.

Still working on Itamado. Currently got some quality issues after trimming which I'm working on now.
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