Desk Diary 2011/02/04

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Took these photos a couple O days ago but there has already been a lot of change which I guess I'll talk about in the next edition.
Pretty much the whole of January has been spent planning for the year ahead. Am also trying to catch up on writing stuff and cleaning up the website UI and implementing better discovery features.
Got bigger plans for Culture Japan this year starting with the second season. By the end of February we should have a good idea of the exact broadcast dates.

Have also been spending time on our new Mirai Gaia platform clients such as King Records, Ascii Media Works and another client which I think I can announce next week.

Its been absolutely freezing of late. If you are visiting Tokyo any time soon then bring plenty to wrap up in!

Didn't get to do an incredible amount of end-of-year cleaning so have been trying to fit it in between breaks. Its important to to know the whereabouts of everything that you own so as not to waste time looking for stuff. Its also important to keep your stuff clean too!

Mounds of dust can actually lead to fires. Scroll down a bit on this page to see a photo of what happened when a mound of dust caused a fire. Over 1000 accidents with fire are said to be caused by dust like this in Japan every year.

Dust that gathers on figures can also cause damage - evaporated oils in the air get caught in the dust which leads to oily surfaces. Have a look at some of the figures on your shelves that you have not touched for ages. Did you find any with oily surfaces?

Dont get to dust down the girls as often as I used to. You can just about make out the rings of dust on the shelves.

Everybody removed from the shelves to get a dusting down one by one.

These are the tools that I use for cleaning the office. The bottle contains paint thinner which is used for removing dirt from figures. The two cooking brushes are from 100 yen shops. The large one is for dusting down clothes or hair and the smaller brush is used for dusting down the face. After using the brushes for a bit, they start to get dirty which is why I use two different brushes - dusting down a whole figure and then using the same brush on the face occasionally leaves dirt marks.

But still, figures do end up with dirt like this which is not easily removed using soap n water. This is where the paint thinner and cotton bud comes in.

After applying some paint thinner to the knuckles, you can see that the dirt has been removed. Do not rub hard or the paint will rub off too. If you are applying the paint thinner lightly then you should be able to remove the dirt without removing the paint.

Everybody back up on the shelves.

I noticed that the bottom shelf here naturally ended up with figures propped up on one leg. The top shelf are the ladies with sharp objects to poke your eye out.

Some figures look better from the behind ^^;

Figure brushes should be soaked in hot water and washing up liquid every once in a while.

Sweetie Karin - youngest daughter looking forward to the Summer season.

Ryomo looks good in the Hakama.

Very soon Saber will have her own dollfie to carry.

This time round its Nanoha's turn to nom the melon pan but all she does is stare at it.

I need a better looking hair clip for Aoi.

The voice actress for Mirai-chan has been in the offices recording another project that I'm working on ^o^ That should be ready this month.

I generally use Eneloop batteries but there are somethings which don't warrant using Eneloop like clocks which last half a year or longer on a single battery - bit of a waste to have a rechargeable battery in there.

Calendar came with one of the monthly anime magazines. Which reminds me that I need to change it ^^;

About to check out the rules of the new TCG Vanguard.

More TCG action with the Victory Spark series.

Been filming a bit in the offices too.

Need to have a better system to manage business cards - these collected since November ToT.

Love the Bushiroad TCG boxes.

Got my hands on a Mirai telephone card at last ^^;

Kira Kira Asia together with the anime stuff - leaflet for the BS11 TV channel.

Founders of the iPad DoDo Case sent over a signed prezzie. I knew I was going to wait a long time when I originally ordered the red one but its certainly worth it. Have not seen a better looking case to date.

Some of the samples for this month. Anything here tickle your fancy?

The Miyafuji figma is just awesomely made.

The Kamen Rider figma's are also rather coolsome too.

A closer look at the Chocolate Gouache in a separate post.

Kotobukiya's Samurai Tamaki. There's going to be a red armor limited edition version on sale at the Wonfes this weekend.

A look at the BRS Bluray/DVD box set.

The box set comes with a load of illustrations used as reference to make the animation.

The econte storyboard.

Includes both the DVD and Bluray version.

The BRS box set also comes with these adorable Nendoroid Puchi too. Stand not included.

Brilliant Stage Saya Tokido sent over by comrades at Hobby Search. Wonder whats causing her to feel warm?

The perfect figure to display at work or on your desk at school.

Discovered these on a recent visit to Costco. Very nice indeed. Wifey does not let me eat too many in one go so I need to sneak into the snacks cupboard using my Ninja skills.

I'm sure these 3 games will last me for a very long time. Am half way through The 3rd Birthday and just started Valkiria Chronicles. Hardly touched Monster Hunter 3 but will go to visit the hot springs in Nagano that appear in the village.

The Culture Japan drawer. Boxes and plastic bags make things so much easier to look for.

This is the last you will see the back of the office looking like that - there is now a sofa there ^^;

Yes - the wide angle lenses do make the room look bigger than it is - one of the reasons why many estate agents use a wide angle lens when taking photos of apartment rooms that they are trying to flog ^^;

The Mirai Oppai mousepad that started off as an April Fool will be ready for sale soon at AmiAmi. It wont be this bikini version though.

Unfortunately I cant swap heads with the Iron Man armor ToT.

Mirai-chan will be in the Nitroplus game Sonicomi out later this year. Want to make that illustration into a T-shirt.

King Kazuma goes well with plants.

This is a print sample of the microfiber Mirai-chan towel that will first go on sale this Sunday at the Wonder Festival - the final version will be stitched at the sides. Head over to the AmiAmi booth to get yours where you can also have a photo with Mirai-chan ^o^
Will cost 500 yen each - will carry one for wiping the camera lens. AmiAmi will also sell them on their site after the Wonfes too.

Something that AmiAmi forgot to take home after filming the last AmiAmi ranking for Culture Japan. Shhhh.

Looks like I missed a few patches of dust on MG Guncannon ^^;

We use these HD cradles a lot when editing the TV show. 1TB fits up to 3 x 30 min shows - the rest of the HD is taken up by footage and render files for Final Cut Pro.

Another 10 years to go until we get wireless electricity?

Its been ages since I held the last Tokyo CGM Night. Plan to do the next one when the next season of Culture Japan starts.

The Japan Airlines badge that I used to wear when I worked there many many moons ago - I used to spell my surname without the hyphen ^^; Do you know how to write your name in Katakata?

Thats it for today - previous Desk Diary entries listed below.