Desk Diary 2010/12/29

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2010/12/29 18:12 JST in Desk Diary

The Desk Diary was another series that I was supposed to write regularly which covers the changing work environment together with any other bits and bobs that are going on in life. The last one I wrote was in September when it was still hot - its bloody freezing now!

Since the last installment, the office has had a few additions which are mostly for Culture Japan production. The iMac is where all the main Final Cut editing goes on. Sometimes we have 3 Macs rendering stuff but really need to make time to look into having some sort of cluster just for rendering.

When my producer or I are not doing the Final Cut editing, we have other freelance editors who come in to work on the show. I'm always looking for FCP editors who can speak Japanese - if you fit this description and live in Tokyo then please let me know if you are interested in work. Rates to be discussed with you directly but is usually the industry standard for Japan.

Took a Japanese and Korean language degree at university which is where I learned how to speak Korean. Have not been typing Korean for a while due to the lack of Hangul keyboard stickers which I used to pick up on each visit to Korea. Lately found that I could get hold of them in Japan from Rakuten.

Currently editing the final episode of Culture Japan which is on air this Sunday on Tokyo MX TV in Japan from 21:30PM. It usually takes us 6 days to edit a 30 min show and now we are trying to edit an hours show in the same time ToT.

The "regularly used items" bookshelf.

The Mecha shelf.

Are you a Mayu or Reika person?

Very much looking forward to the Nadeko figure by Good Smile due out next month.

Black Rock Shooter Bluray package comes with a load of bits n pieces.

K-ON! Tissue box cover.

Messy table is messy.

Interviewed the president of Kadokawa for Culture Japan and picked these up at the same time. The next Haruhi novel will be released across Asia at the same time of the Japanese release. How many of you have read the light novel?

Cutie Karin is a cutie.

Sweetie Saber is a sweetie.

Artwork by Anne Hill and Saikou.

The marketing lady at Mc Donalds sent me a whole set of the current Food Straps for my girls ^^;

Collet goes back into her box until next Christmas.

BRS and Dead Master Nendoroid Puchi that come with the BRS Bluray. The Good Smile Company block was given to me by Oda-san as a prezzie - he is the guy who sculpted figma Mirai-chan for us.

Looks like King Kazma is fond of the Falcon.

Water tastes better when its being served up by angels.

I have a fetish for plastic boxes to keep things organized.

We use the Lumix GH2 for most of our filming but the battery don't last too long. For a whole day we usually use up 4 batteries.

A slightly modified Elwing.

Some T-Shirt samples from JList include some Giga Pudding.

Looks like a K-ON! (?) T-shirt with Yui (?) on the front.

Looks like Mio (?) on the back of the T-Shirt.

Will be handing these out to whoever visits our office next - a stack of 40 Black Rock Shooter coasters.

Playing around with one of the most awesome figma's ever - Black Rock Shooter.

A gift from my comrade Kodomut - BRS stand for figma or Nendoroid.

Editing around the clock usually means not much time to eat out - my producer runs out to get some convenience store grub for the team.

Tastes much better than it looks ^^;

Everything PSP is low on stock in Japan. Just managed to get my The 3rd Birthday and Monster Hunter 3 (usually abbreviated to MonHun in Japanese).
Also nabbed the 16GB Memory Stick too BUT! The PSP has not arrived yet - Amazon are waiting to get it in stock before they send em out.

A new character in the Mirai Millennium Universe?

Nitroplus sent over a few of the Sonicomi posters.

Alter Mugi which was somehow left over from the last AmiAmi Top Ten ranking filming. The details on the keyboard are stunning.

Not much change on the figure shelves.

Nanoha and Aoi will need a change of clothes soon.

A spare Dollfie body sits headless in the wardrobe so that I can pop on the head of one of the girls to take em out.

This is where my office used to be before we moved down to the first floor. Its gorgeous up here in the day time especially in the evenings when the sun sets as the room is bathed golden brown in the evening setting sun.

And that's about it for this installment of Desk Diary. Still currently focusing on the new year Culture Japan special edition before I can get round to do other stuff.