Desk Diary 2010/08/22

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/08/22 15:10 JST in Desk Diary

Tis been 2 months since the last Desk Diary update ^^; A load has happened since then including:-

  • Production and airing of the English version of Culture:Japan on Animax Asia.
  • Trip to LA for Anime Expo.
  • More planning and production for Mirai Figma, new line of doll production, AFA 2010, Hong Kong October trip.
  • Started teaching at Digital Hollywood University.
  • Done a load of filming for Kira Kira >
  • Working on Mirai-chan's theme song with a Japanese group.
  • Working with a major Japanese production house on Mirai-chans first game appearance. Need to decide on a voice actress - who do you recommend?
  • Covered the Wonder Festival Summer.
  • Wheeling's n dealings with Bushi Road, Hobby Japan, Nitro Plus, Hobby Search - will write up stuff soon.
  • Culture:Japan full season get. Will start from October 2nd-ish through December 25th-ish to be broadcast on Tokyo MX TV, Animax Asia and then torrent+YouTube a few weeks after the terrestrial broadcasts. We've actually got the second season planned but as with most TV shows - depends on how the sponsor hunting goes.
  • Launched Chinese version of the site. I usually write and publish English and Japanese at the same time and then get round to Chinese in between breaks ^^;
  • The previous poll I took, most of you said that you wanted Traditional Chinese but that was a while ago - what is your preference now?

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Finally upgraded to Snow Leopard as I kept encountering quirks with some of the software that I'm using/wanted to use. Total Finder for example is a Snow Leopard only app which gives Finder tabs. Still think Windows Explorer is a far superior file handler over Finder.
Done a complete clean install and started with a fresh home directory that I had been using since I became a Mac user back in 2005.

While installing on the 17" MBP, I can continue work on the Mac Book Air as I have all my data on the 1TB external USB drive. The machines only contain the bare bones that I need to get on with stuff. The 1TB drive is then synced daily to another backup drive.

When I was a Windows user, I pointed my desktop and other folders to an external drive. This meant that when Windows got clogged up again, I could restore from an image that I took of the OS and start off fresh again. Taken a similar approach with the Macs to separate the OS and data.
Whats Windows like these days? Dose it still become slow after using it for a while or did they manage to fix all that? I still use Windows XP for QA and testing out Windows only games.
How often do you re-install or restore your OS from a clone?

As for the Tokyo MX towel on the table - in the Summer I usually have a small towel on the table as yukky sweat tends to gunk up the glass - arms rest on the towel to prevent this.

Tried to have a different layout on the table but everything seemed to be clumped up in the middle which I wasn't too keen on.

Started to write monthly for Ascii and their Tokyo Kawaii Magazine app where I'll be covering Japanese Culture.
I'll also be writing for the Weekly Ascii magazine too. My first 4 page feature will probably be "Worldwide Rooms" or "Worldwide Dolls."

Not much change to the office apart from a few poster and figure changes.

One thing I did want to ask was how are you finding the loading times of posts - especially the long ones with 80 or so images. I have asked before but we've added quite a bit to the detail page code since then. If the site is taking forever to load you can always try the iPhone version.

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As usual me got a load of posts to catch up on so will leave you to wander around the office.