Desk Diary 2010/06/22

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Quite a bit has happened in the past 3 weeks since Desk Diary 2010/05/27 ^^;

  • Filming, production and the airing of my first TV show Culture:Japan. This pretty much has taken up most of my time and we are now working on the worldwide 1 hour version.
  • Held another fantastic Tokyo CGM Night 8 where companies like Volks, Obitsu, Goodsmile, Kotobukiya, Cospa, AmiAmi and Hobby Search attended.
  • Performed live with Vividblaze on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan buildings ^^;
  • Finalized most of the details of my visit to Anime Expo.
  • And also made much progress on the line of products that I'm working on bringing out in the future.

Been running on fumes since last October and I think the body is beginning to take a toll. Have been rather knackered for the past week or so. Trying to plan a couple of days off to visit Nasu after getting back from Los Angeles.
Spinal hernia has also been giving me grief lately. Probably because of the damp weather but could also be because of all the running around.

The current schedule means that I don't get as much time as I would like to post updates - I could post updates more often like I do on Tsubuyaku in the form of photos but they wont have much dialog to go with them. Would you enjoy more photo updates or just prefer less occasional updates with more dialog?

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A few additional bits n pieces around the desk in the form of 2 suddenly acquired iPads - wifey been using hers lately and implementing it into her daily work flow.

As for me - I didn't know what I would do with one when they first announced it but now its a tool that I would find difficult to do business without. I take the iPad to initial meetings with business partners to show photos/screenshots which enables the other party to gauge how we can work together in the first meeting - rather than a few more meetings down the road.

I could show stuff on a laptop but due to the angle of the screen, it becomes awkward when trying show all members sitting around the table and fiddle with a pointer and keyboard. The iPad rests on the table for all to see and I can concentrate on what I want to say rather than muck around with controls.

Have also been increasing usage of social media to reach out to folks who may be a bit too busy to visit often. You can now find me on all of the following networks.

You can also get updates in your inbox so that you don't need to visit the site > subscribe.
And for those who prefer RSS - its here.

iPad users may want to make a page with just one icon so that you can actually see the wallpaper.

Download the free Classic FM app for your iPad or iPhone to enjoy radio stations from the UK like, Choice, Capital Radio, Heart and so on. I get to hear whats going on back in ol Blighty and keep in the loop with how many people have been stabbed or shot ToT.

Saber has got something to show us.

Got this iPad stand from Amazon Japan for 3980 yen. Tried to use the iPad by just leaning it against the wall but it would fall over a lot. Didn't like the case either so its naked at the moment.
Folks ordering from can get one for cheaper though.

Looks like this has been around for a while and was originally designed for a laptop - now being re-marketed as an iPad stand.

View from the back.

And this is what it looks like folded up. Tis supposed to be portable but a wee bit big to carry around. Great for keeping on the desk though. Rubbery contact points on the desk means that it doesn't move around when you prod the iPad.

Have wanted to do this a while now but wasn't too sure if the table glass was going to be strong enough. But decided that I should practice what I preach - "you never know until you try."

Removed one of the Artur legs and now support two panes of Vika glass on a single Artur leg.

Each pane of Ikea Vika glass weighs at least 20 kilos each and I figured they are probably made of reinforced glass - been using these tables like this for a few weeks now without any cracking noises so far.
Getting rid of the extra leg gives more room below and makes the room feel more spacious. Anybody trying anything like this at home?

Got this iPhone stand from the guy who designed it - Rudesign - he's a comrade of Vividblaze who I met last weekend.

The iPhone stand enables me to have the iPhone in landscape mode which is handy due to a certain app that just came out...

And also works for folks who prefer portrait mode.

Will get more details about when you can get your hands on this - will probably get him to sell his goodies at the next CGM Night.

Spacing the girls out evenly rather than having them bunched up against one wall gives the illusion that there is more space for some reason.

Nanoha gets a new hairdo - wig by Zephyr.

For the time being Nanoha wears this hat by Chun to keep her new hairstyle in place.

Nanoha! Not now! Folks at home are watching ^^;

Afternoon tea with some Dr Donuts and a mug of PG Tips.

Wallpaper for the Cinema Display is still the lovely Nadeko.

Wifey's setup with her new iPad.

Yuzuko Hayakawa faces the wall because shes got a berry berry nice bottom.

Gunpla returns - a few that I made many moons ago - all MG.

Had this mouse pad stashed away for a while and stumbled onto it the other day.

Thats it for now - need to do a load before I head off to Los Angeles next week for Anime Expo including:-
-Finish editing and narration for the worldwide version of Culture:Japan. We are doing this on a shoestring budget meaning that Fujiyasu-san and I need to do most of the work ourselves. We know its going to be worth it especially when the Japanese Ministry of Tourism has taken a huge interest in the show...
-Prepare talk material for my two panels at Anime Expo.
-Write up the next A Week in Tokyo.
-Photo session for Otacool 3.
-Finalize details for x Fakku meetup in LA (Saturday 3rd from 3:30 at ESPN Zone) with figure giveaways and stuff.

I've just had my annual health checkup where I had to drink that Barium stuff again for the stomach scans. They gave me some medicine to give me the runs so that the stuff doesn't solidify in my stomach resulting in an operation but I'm running to the loo all the time ^^;

Going to leave you to poke about the room as I go for yet another poo - that barium turns poo white like chalk ^^;