Desk Diary 2010/03/06

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/03/06 18:40 JST in Desk Diary

Quick catch up with whats been going on of late. First up is site tuning. Been tweaking the Nginx, PHP and MYSQL server settings over the week and have noticed a nice boost in performance. The main things we have done is increase the amount of Nginx workers and PHP processes. Have also given the MYSQL query cache a boost too. Currently at 512MB but will increase to 1GB on Monday. Will push the servers to their limits to see how much more juice we can squeeze out of them. If you are running applications on a similar setup, what sort of configurations do you use?

Also, a handful of folks seem to either have a problem logging in or are seeing a 400 Nginx error page. If you are having any of these probs then mail me at support at dannychoo dot com.

So much has been happening of late that its been difficult to spend time with the community and do apologize. Need to strike a balance with running the business and what have you. Since we last spoke, I set up an anime production studio called "Mirai Fusion" and we are already working on two titles! One of the titles has Mirai-chan in the story but its from a completely different timeline with a new set of girls. We are working on the PV now and very much look forward to showing it to you soon.

Folks in Singapore can now get along to KKnM at the Sunshine Plaza to pick up some Mirai and Haruka-chan pokens which include the lanyards. KKnM also ship overseas and you can find the order form here. Folks in Japan can get them from Parco City.

Speaking of Singapore, the Tokyo Tour Package is a go and I will be seeing you on day 4 of the tour. If you are still interested then they are still accepting bookings.

Meanwhile in nearby Malaysia, comrade May'n will be playing for the first time in Kuala Lumpur at the KL Live. Tickets still available from her official Asia site.

I've set up a form for folks who would like to register to try out beta applications that we make for the web and iPhone >
Folks who sign up will also be asked for feedback about usability, UI and design issues too.

About to launch Featured Feeds for Tokyo.JapanTimes but I need to take screenshots of a site that has their RSS feed already registered. If you want to participate, register their feed and leave a note in the comments - I will choose one of the sites and use screenshots in the instructions that I will post on Tokyo.JapanTimes.

In another interesting turn of events, I'm designing shoes and accessories. Have registered my trademark and will make an announcement about where all this is going soon.

My fave figma girls of late.

Have also been spending a lot of time developing which is a service where you can post images with an existing Twitter account. The service is aimed at the Japanese market and has been developed with the feedback of many Japanese users. Anybody is welcome to use the service but there are no plans to have an English UI.

Have also been busy recruiting sponsors for Danny Choo Network TV which I still need to get round to announcing ^^;

As mentioned the other day in the Cosplay Costumes post, I asked Kotobukiya to remove me from the cover of Otacool 2 and you can see the new cover here. I think you will agree that Saber deserves to be on the cover instead of me ^^;

I think that's it for now. Am preparing for a trip to Hong Kong, France, UK and also in the middle of applying to set a record for the Guinness World Records. Its already been a few weeks so should expect an answer on whether they accepted the application within the next month. If all is a go then we will shoot for May.

Going to leave you in the office for a while as I need to nip out to get some groceries. BRB.

Ah, nearly forgot to mention that I'm on TBS Radio tonight from 12:30 >