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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/09/15 09:59 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper
So the filming that I mentioned in A Week in Tokyo 23 and the Japanese Girls article was for CNN - the feature went out today at 8AM JST and is being broadcasted throughout the day.
I also just got mail from Kyung Lah telling me that its the most viewed video at cnn.com today ^o^
The feature is about myself, dannychoo.com and my line of work. You can see the full res at CNN Online or the low res YouTube video below.
What I may not have mentioned before was that CNN filmed me at work in the Good Smile offices too. Table full O figures = always fun meetings = difficult to concentrate sometimes ^^;
Hector - my Chief Technologist with Kyung Lah and the CNN crew at Shibuya.
Some of the Good Smile team, Kyung Lah and CNN crew at the Good Smile offices.
The feature starts off at Shibuya but was the last thing to be filmed.
T'was the day I shot Kung Fu Trooper. I recently moved my iMovie08 archives from an external HD to a network HD and dont know how to get iMovie to recognize the changes = one of the reasons why I'm behind with the Trooping vids of late orz.
Will soon stick up the "As seen on CNN" logo on the welcome page soon ^^;
I also notice a lot of incremental traffic after the broadcast - if you have just arrived from CNN then welcome! You may first want to check out the Japan Portal, Figure Portal, or read more about my IT background which includes Amazon and Microsoft in my profile.
Then they mention "my other title" - "son of Jimmy Choo." This broadcast is the first to officially mention that Jimmy is my dad.
Folks who watch Sex and the City or have partners who do watch it may get a headache at the mention of my dads name ^^;
CNN sent their London crew to my dads studio to get a few words from him. He will be in Tokyo giving speeches for the British Council next month so I will hook up with him after many years.
As you can see from the last photos I've had with him - I have not seen him for ages ^^;
LOL at what he says about me dressing up like one of them ^^;
Didn't get to watch any of the clips prior to it going live.
Many many moons ago back in Marble Arch.
Ah... those metal frame silver glasses ^^;
Hmmmm. So this is how I'm going to go bald then ^^;
Kyung Lah in my office taking a look at my Postbed Machine - a special sewing machine for making shoes and accessories. I initially got it because I wanted to make some holsters but ended up using it exclusively for making Stormtrooper and Vader parts ^^;
Taking a look at a pair I made when I was back in the UK a few years ago.
Hmmm, as I type this I realize that I can nearly touch type ^^; Still have a long way to go though.
At the GSC offices looking at some yummies.
LOL at how they edited in my "mmmmm"'s ^^;
This was the day when I took pics of Unity Mei whose pics where first published on dannychoo.com ^^
Kyoka Midarezaki getting her eyes done.
Still in the GSC sculpting chamber.
At the GSC office in mid meeting.
Looking at a very early build of the Japanese GSC site.
Just realized that there were some strange icons that I used for QA purposes ^^;
If you can guess the one second from right (the brownish one) then you deserve a prize ^^;
Mikatan and I going over the CMS for Mirai Gaia.
Then we cover dannychoo.com.
The CNN broadcast was just one of the reasons for the Gateway renewal ^^;
I was working on the new detail pages yesterday which I wanted to get out before the broadcast but didn't make it in time - will try to do that later on today.
I guess its like cleaning up before guests come.
This is a big milestone for dannychoo.com and I would like to thank all of you for your continued support. This journey that I've decided to take would not be as much fun without you all.
Which brings me to ask that question again - how long have you been a reader for? I ask this question to decide what features go on the site as I don't want to stuff content down users throats.
Everytime I ask this question I notice that as readership increases, It looks like a large percentage of readers have been reading for less than six months. Some folks move on, some take a break.
Going over dannychoo.com with Kyung Lah.
Good thing there were no ecchi news items that day ^^;
There were concerns that some people may get the impression that my accomplishments were thanks to my dad but I don't feel that is the case as I took a completely different path.
This report also clearly shows how I decided to follow my passion and head for Japan without any financial support from my dad.
The easy route is "take financial support and start shoe business in Japan using my dads name."
The difficult, more challenging and fun route was "take my own savings and head to the land of the rising sun to fulfill my dreams."
And they also cover the previous videos too.
As for whether I'm going to take over my dads business - highly unlikely as I'm pretty happy running my startup right now. Business is great and have never been happier on my life - only to seem to be happier as each day passes ^^;
But I am keen on making accessories and if I ever get some spare time then I would love to make some.
The next broadcast is G4TV which only focuses on Tokyo Dance Trooper. The broadcast after that will be...
And some behind the scenes of the filming.