DannyChoo.com 2009 Calendar

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2008/12/14 13:30 JST in Japanese Idols

Lovely dannychoo.com calendar created by Lightning featuring many dc.com members.
LOL at the Gruesome Eightsome bundled in the corner there.

Original text from lightningsabre below.It's the end of the year, and what other ways to celebrate the new year other than breaking out that new calendar! This year's calendar features some of the hottest members of DannyChoo.com has produced including the ever popular mascots Mirai & Haruka Suenaga; Mimi, the idol of Dannychoo.com; the mascot modifier, chun, and many others!

The one who started the Tare Danny shirt craze deserves the first 2 months, don't you think? Ms. chun, thank you so much for creating such wonderful works of art that we can proudly wear :)

The idol of DannyChoo.com, mimi-chan gets the spring months cause we can't help but feel a spring in our step when we see this picture ^^

The months of May sounds so appropriate for May-mee... I mean Meimi132. ^^;

The newly minted Mirai Suenaga in a sukumizu just seems appropriate for the 2 summer months, right?

I've put in all the male members who've shown off their Tare Danny pride in September and October. There's also a special edition for this particular page on my Zazzle.com made that (just kidding ^^;)!

And of course we need to have the imouto-san, Haruka Suenaga to complete the year.

So now for the apologies... Apologies all around for chun, mimi, Meimi132, zyuan, Dejoker, tenrou, gordon, FatBastard, Daemonseed for including you in this shenanigan. Apology to Danny for messing with his armor ^^; And extra apologies to tenrou & Daemonseed for the photoshopped special edition of Sept & Oct.

You can see bigger individual pictures on my blog.

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