Dancing Stormtrooper

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/10/21 21:20 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

Practicing to one of my fave tunes of the moment - Singin' in the Rain by Mint Royale. Was taken last week I think after the Twitter event in Ebisu.

Thanks to Tokyo Live Blogger Steve Nagata for taking the vid on his cool new piece of hardware.

Or you can View on YouTube in HD.

Lucasfilm featured the video on the official Star Wars Blog ^o^

And Lucas also featured the Gatsby Trooper on the SW Blog too ^^

I've renewed the design of my Director Account at YouTube. If you want to see the vids before I post em on DC then feel free to subscribe by clicking on the banner ^o^

While I cant dance to save my life, I enjoy exercising by pretending to dance and am currently looking into turning our second floor into a dance studio fitted out with a wall O mirrors ^^;
Exercise by dancing is relatively easy as the music makes you want to wiggle your funky thang and all you need is some tunes and some space to move.
Going swimming often is a bit more though as finding the time can be a wee bit difficult at times. How often do you get in some exercise? And I'm not just talking about dolphin care ^^;

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