POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/06/22 19:10 JST in Anime Events

Rehearsing for the Hatsune Miku concert to take place in Los Angeles at Anime Expo. Here I'm with Danceroid members Ikura and Aikawa Kozue together with Fukuoka-san from Tokyo Kawaii Magazine who organized the whole concert.

See all the members of Danceroid in action below.

A huge warehouse was rented near Tokyo Disney land which was kitted out with a load of lighting and audio equipment. Bands usually rehearse here before a gig.

And here is the set. The green light behind is where Miku is projected. Was the first time seeing her in action was quite stunning indeed! There is also a live band too who sit on either side. I'll be opening the concert and maybe if I recognize you then I drag you up on stage to meet miku?

Got a prezzie from Ikura - Aoi-chan now looks after it.