Culture Japan Online Store

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2015/06/29 19:18 JST in Smart Doll

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our first online store is now open ^o^
The Culture Japan Store lives at where you can find our flagship products Smart Doll which ships between 3 - 8 days after one has placed their order. We also got a small selection of T-shirts for humans too which we will be increasing over time.

This is Smart Doll 001 Mirai Suenaga - we launched her this time last year and I completely underestimated the demand - it took us a year to clear the backlog of pre-orders ><
Since launch we have learned a lot especially about how to scale our production capacity while maintaining quality and can now supply customer and vendors regularly. You can order her now and we ship between 3 - 8 business days. Mirai retails for 60,000 JPY.

This is Smart Doll 002 Kizuna Yumeno who is also available now retailing at 60,000 JPY.
Here she is in the Solar Marine Uniform which is still under development.

We ship everything from our office in Gotanda Tokyo. This is where we do all our quality control which you can read about in the About Culture Japan post - that post also lists job descriptions too.

Apart from our online store - I'm also happy to announce that our products will also be available in our first ever retail store also located in Gotanda Tokyo ^o^
Its not officially open yet and are still in the middle of decorating - this is just half of the shop.
Official opening will be mid July after I get back from AX - I will announce details, launch partay etc later.

And this is where it all started for Smart Doll production - on the 1st floor of my house.

And this is a few months after we started - now also on the second floor packing Smart Dolls for shipping.

And this is where we are now with more warm bodies and larger production capacity. You can read a little bit about how we got here in the How I started My Company In Japan post.

So far we have shipped thousands of Smart Dolls to customers on over 40 countries and where possible I try to communicate with as many as I can on a personal basis.

I wanted to write a long post but I need to be on a plane to AX in a couple of hours ><
I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support!

I can also report that after 3 weeks of Spinal Hernia pain, I feel much better now and can walk much further. Still hurts but at least I can walk now. Thank you for all the messages of encouragement ><

Anyway, I'm off to Haneda now ><