Culture Japan on Animax

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/12/16 23:59 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Up until now, Culture Japan has been broadcast in Japan on Tokyo MX TV. From this December 17th 2010, Culture Japan Season 1 will be broadcast all over Asia on the Animax channel. Broadcast times as follows:-

  • Singapore - 17 Dec Friday 8pm
  • Indonesia - 17 Dec Friday 7pm
  • Philippines & Malaysia - 17 Dec Friday 9pm
  • India - 17 Dec Friday 8pm
  • Hong Kong - 18 Dec Saturday 7pm
  • Taiwan - 25 Dec 6pm

Some of the current trailers running across Asia now as follows - the English, Cantonese and Taiwanese version.

Am absolutely over the moon that Culture Japan is reaching out to more folks around the world and I promise to make the series available to the rest of the world very soon.
Screencaps in this post are from the Japan broadcast episodes 1 and 2 - these are 30 mins each. The Animax versions will be 1 hour - 2 episodes back to back.

More behind-the-scenes photos from this post listed up below.