Culture Japan Night Singapore 2013 Details

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2013/11/02 13:38 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

AFA 13 is just around the corner which also means Culture Japan Night the day after ^o^

CJ Night is where you come to mingle with like minded folks - make new comrades who will enrich your life with friendship and opportunity.

Venue Details (same as last year)

Culture Japan Night Singapore 2013
Date: 11 November (Monday)
Venue: Kallang Theatre, Orchid Room (1 Stadium Walk, near Stadium MRT)
Time: 3pm to 8pm
Entrance Fee: $5 or free*

*The entrance fee is to help us cover the cost of the venue. BUT, because Joanna who works at Kallang Theatre is a huge fan of Mirai too, she promised to give anyone who comes wearing a Mirai T-shirt free entry.

So if the hole in your wallet accidentally got too big liao over 3 full days at AFA, just remember to wear your Moekana T-shirt on Monday and come join in an extra day of fun and games absolutely free.


As most of my time has been taken up with Smart Doll of late, I haven't had the chance to invite a load of guests like last year ;-;

That does not mean its going to be boring though ^^; Good Smile Company will be there to display goodies and we will share details on how Singaporeans can work with Good Smile Company.

I wont be giving a stage talk at AFA due to my MC schedule so instead I'll be talking at CJ Night instead where I will talk about my latest and future projects.
I'll also be hunting for talent as usual ^^;

There will be display tables for your dolly daughters and also tables for TCG and Moekana tournaments with the usual prizes.

If you plan to attend then please fill out the following painless form below - its an embedded Google Doc - the direct link lives here.

Thought we'd do one of those flashback thingies - these couple of photos from the first CJ Night back in 2010 which was held at Lau Pa Sat.

Back then there were a handful of dolls on display.

We usually take the group photo at the end but the problem is that most are gone by then ><

In 2011, we held CJ Night at the AKB48 Cafe.

Number of dolls on the increase ^^

In 2012 we had the largest number of attendees out of the 3 years. The event was held at Kallang Theater and we had a load of industry guests. Photos from the event live here.

The number of dolls have multiplied by gazillions ^^


And here is the key visual for this years event.