Culture Japan Night Jakarta 2013 Details

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2013/09/04 21:16 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Its that time of the year again!

Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2013 followed by Culture Japan Night (CJ Night) ^o^
I'll be at AFAID for all 3 days and hope to see you there. If we don't manage to catch up with each other at AFAID, we can certainly do so at CJ Night.
CJ Night is a place for like minded comrades to mingle and get to know each other. I love spending time with readers and will be doing the usual signing and photo sessions and hunting for talent too ^o^
We plan to have some Moekana Tournaments like last year - also feel free to bring your figures and dolls to display. Got cosplay? Also can!
I'm always looking for folks who can either work for us full or part time or take on commision work. If you got stuff to show me then just bring it along!

When and where is it?

Mon 9th Sep from 6 - 10PM at Jakarta Design Centre. Lotus 1,2,3 on the 6th floor.
Jakarta Design Centre (JDC)
Jalan Aipda. KS. Tubun
+62 21 5304610


If you can come then register here and then show up on the day.


Rp 10000 per person - this will help cover half the cost of the venue ><
Eat before you come as they got no food there ToT
And here are some photos from last year with a video taken by Samuel below.
But before CJ Night - I'll either be at my booth at AFAID or on stage. See you soon!