Culture Japan Booth at AniManGaki

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Updated with photo from day 1! Thanks to all who popped by and and hope to see you on Day 2 ^o^
I still owe you Culture Japan Con coverage (few thousand photos to sort through ><) but needed to tell you today that Culture Japan will be having a 2 shell scheme booth at AniManGaki this weekend ^o^
During CJC, one of the organizers of AniManGaki approached me and asked if we would attend. Wasn't planning on attending and didn't think we would have enough time to put something together for another event so soon after CJC.
However, through the learnings of rolling out these booths for a while now, we got a workflow in place and have just managed to sort out our booth layout, logistics and manpower.
AniManGaki (AMG) is one of Malaysia's more popular ACG events which is packed with stage events, cosplay, doujin, anime and more - the next one will be held this weekend at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.
This is the menu for Animangaki 2013!
Most of it is the same as CJC - but please forgive me as there is no Touch n Go - that was only for CJC attendees ><
As announced at CJC, as part of Project Mirai, we are planning to rollout a worldwide Culture Japan Membership System which will entitle you to various privileges.
I particularly want to thank those who came to Penang to support our first event and as I mentioned on stage, folks who have the Comrade Pass will be getting privileges from now on starting at AniManGaki.
All you need to do is to show your Comrade Pass (& Lanyard) and you will get 1 poster of your choice - no terms or conditions or bribes from me.
Posters are worth RM25 each and are A2 in size at 190gsm.
Folks who went to CJC and can't come to AniManGaki - don't worry as we got you covered - you will start to get privileges at other events - just do not loose that Comrade Pass and Lanyard!
I initially posted this saying that we were going to give away 2 posters but then realized that we don't have enough to go around - I want to make sure that as many people as possible get to have our lovely girls on their walls ^^;
Full details of the Culture Japan Membership System will be released at a later date.
Just hot off the printers is the new map of Penang featuring Mirai Suenaga and friends! This is a collaboration with Penang Global Tourism where my goal is to make maps more fun ^o^
This will be given out free at our booth desu!
We will be selling Shirahane Nao-sensei's Mirai Doujinshi - its the first one ever ^o^
The Mirai doujinshi contains illustrations that sensei has done for us so far.
The latest work for us by sensei is this one of Kizuna Yumeno - Mirai's rival.
RM15 desu.
This illustration was only used on my Itasha so far.
And this was the first illustration of Mirai that sensei done for us.
Chibi Haruka kawaii ^o^
And here are the T-shirts.
This is the classic Tora T-shirt which is part of the Culture Japan Apparel line - its been around since the beginning and is always the first design to sell out.
The next design is Mirai in her "Solar Marine" uniform.
I love retro pixel games really like this design - we call it "Millennium Retro."
This is the first Moekana T-shirt I made as a sample many moons ago and it finally gets the mass production treatment. This design is simply called "Kimono."
We have been improving the quality of the print over the past year and this is the best so far using a printing technology called Direct Print - we get full color gradients unlike previous Silk Screening versions. It's also durable in the wash too and doesn't crack like some of the initial batch did ToT
T-shirts are all RM90 and come with 4 free cards - Moekana Onna (female), Otoko (male) and Chitose Shirasawa and Kizuna Yumeno cards - these complement the character cards that are included in the Moekanji pack.
The size chart - just FYI - I always wear the S size cos I like em tight ^^;
Many T-shirts out there show the tips of Man Boobs which I'm not keen on so I chose a thicker material. Unless you are super excited, you need not worry about your tips showing when wearing Moekana T-shirts.
Got or getting some Moekana or Moekanji Japanese learning cards? Then you need the cases to protect your preciousssssss.
Each case comes with free Moekana Paper, Scissors n Stone cards.
Want to learn Japanese the fun way? Then you need Moekana to learn hiragana and then Moekanji to learn kanji.
BUT! We only got stocks of Moekanji as Moekana is no more liao.
Moekanji is going for RM90 and empowers you with Japanese knowledge ^^
Moekana and Moekanji is being used by tens of thousands of folks around the world to learn Japanese ^o^
Can't stand those lizards crawling through the cracks in the wall? Cover em up with A2 Mirai posters! Price is RM25 each and comes with a free Moekana Itasha card.
And here are the posters.
A poster of Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga, and Kanata Hoshikawa in their summer school uniforms illustrated by Shirahane Nao-sensei (DMYO)
A poster of Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga, and Kanata Hoshikawa in their Solar Marine uniforms illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.
A poster of Mirai Suenaga in her Winter uniform illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.
A poster of Mirai Suenaga in her Winter uniform illustrated by Tamahiyo-sensei from Pallette.
A poster of Mirai-chan in her Summer uniform illustrated by Koizumi Amane-sensei.
A poster of Kizuna-chan in her Solar Marine uniform illustrated by Shirahane Nao-sensei (DMYO)
A poster of Mirai-chan in her bikini by the beach illustrated by Ikkyuu-sensei.
We got the usual Mirai glossy bags to give away with all purchases.
Modeling my Moekana T-shirts - this is an ideal wallpaper for my trolls.
See you at Animangaki this weekend!