Cross Bone Gundam

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2006/09/11 15:51 JST in Gundam

Managed to make time to take a bunch of gallery pics starting off with Crossbone Gundam X3.
X3 comes with Crossbone Kai parts so if you want to have X3 *and* Kai on yer desk then you are going to have to buy two - that is unless you already have the previous X1. The legs and core fighter from the previous GFF X1 fit into the Kai nicely.

Ended up managing to get the Full Cross parts that I complained about previously onto the shoulders - but only just. What you do is to pull of the shoulders and squeeze them at the bottom with a "I-dont-care-if-this-piece-of-shite-breaks" attitude. What happpens then is that the holes in the shoulders widen to clamp around the Cross parts...

If you are into weapons then you will love this as it comes with a ton - the sword (Muramasa Blaster) and crossbow gun (Peacock Smasher) are just awesome!
The face parts (open and closed) are swappable but you may need to make a few mods because the face parts are too small and when you fit them into the head, the eyes get covered and yer Gundam looks like a right pratt.

For those who dont have the time to make an MG Crossbone, this GFF release should be sufficient - available at AMZN...