Crap Games

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/09/19 19:48 JST in Games

Akiba Blog discovers a pile O games that Sofmap in Akihabara is trying to get rid of.
Among the mountain of poo includes...
Metroid Wii - 180 copies at 1980 yen each
Naruto Dairansen NDS - 220 copies at 980 yen each
DS Cooking - 300 copies at 580 yen each (lol)
PS2 Seaman - 76 copies at 980 yen.

Was Wii Metroid that bad? Trying to think of the worst game that I've played and can only remember a recent one - Onechanbara for the Wii. Loved the thought of a scantly clad cowgirl with a samurai sword slashing away at zombies - but this turned out to be 23 shades of poo.
Whats the worst game ever that you have had the displeasure of playing?