Cosplay Wigs

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2011/08/31 21:39 JST in Anime

Taking a gander at a load of anime wigs in a cosplay shop called Lovepop Studio. These wigs being an essential part of cosplay but what about everyday life?

Me going bald but not bald enough yet to consider wearing a wig but wondering what would you do when you start to get bald patches on your head?
Would you wear a wig or go bald graciously? Or how about?

Come to think about it - being bald saves time and money. One does not have to spend money on shampoo, conditioners, combs/brushes, haircuts and one also saves time from hoovering/sweeping up hair from the floor. Electricity is also saved from hair drying or hoovering too.

Being bald can also serve as a form of self defense too - by using the shiny reflection to blind the eyes of an assailant.

Filming with Suzuko Mimori from Milky Holmes for Season 2 of Culture Japan - broadcast starts next month!

More from Otaroad in a post which I'm preparing now.