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A few weeks ago, submissions for the Mirai Suenaga Fanart was opened and the response was amazing! Folks from all over the world have been submitting a load of Mirai Suenaga fanart to be featured in the Worldwide Otaku Report.

The Worldwide Otaku Report connects you with the anime industry and I want to highlight the talents of folks around the world who consume and enjoy Japanese Pop Culture. The book is being published by Ascii Media Works who brought us titles like Toradora, Oreimo, Railgun and more.

This time round, I'm featuring the talents of cosplayers as our mascot character Mirai Suenaga. All you need you to do is upload your selection of photos of yourself as Mirai Suenaga cosplay to World Cosplay or Deviantart (preferably both) and we will choose some to be featured in the book.

Ascii Media Works are not paying you for your work however so if you think thats bad then probably best if you do not submit anything. If however, you are a long term thinker and see this as a good opportunity to get your work out infront of many eyeballs (in particular the eyeballs of the anime industry) then submit away!

  • All you have to do is make sure your photo submissions are high-res, at least 2000px wide.
  • Don't leave any watermarks on the photos - your credit (and photographer if any) will be next to your photo.
  • To submit your entry, all you have to do is leave a comment below with a link to your work on Deviant or World Cosplay. Include in your comment below a way for folks to contact you - this will be published in the book along with your photos - can be twitter, facebook or mail address. The work you upload should be tagged with "Mirai Suenaga" and the description should include a link back to this post and
  • Please upload a selection of landscape and portrait photos.
  • By submitting your work you agree to let Ascii Media Works publish your artwork in the book Worldwide Otaku Report and perhaps print posters of it to promote the book at events worldwide - the poster would have your name on it and will not be sold.
  • You got until the 1st of September - but the sooner the better as we will take ones already submitted and start to do the layouts.
  • Unfortunately we cant give copies of the books away to everybody who gets in the book - I'm planning to feature the talents of 100's of folks from around the world and sending out books to everybody would be difficult - we are already working to feature illustrators and representatives too.
  • Why does it have to be Mirai Suenaga? Because I like her.
  • You will be contacted by mail if your cosplay is chosen.
  • Some of the chosen cosplayers will be commissioned to cosplay at events around the world - and possibly do some event coordination too.

If you would like to submit photos of a cosplay that you have already done, make sure the full res is uploaded and leave a comment below with a link to the photo (This applies even to the cosplayers who have been featured in the Mirai Suenaga Cosplay page). We cant print anything in the book without your permission.
Look forward to your entries!

Below are some of the recent Mirai Suenaga cosplays we've spotted from around the world!
If you need reference materials for making your costumes, you can also find it at the end of this post.

The cover for the Worldwide Otaku Report!

Carolina Miranda as Mirai Suenaga and Ana Bertola as Haruka Suenaga in their Summer uniforms!
Thanks to Otaku no Baires for these beautiful shots!

From left to right: Jennifer from Malaysia as Mirai in her Summer Uniform, Esther from Singapore as Mirai in her Solar Marine Uniform, and Hammy from Malaysia as Mirai in her Winter uniform.

Jessie and Edward from the US as Mirai Suenaga and Eiji Seiun in their Solar Marine uniforms at Anime Expo!

From left to right: (sorry I forgot your name but please identify yourself if you see this! ><), someone cosplaying as me, Jessie in Mirai's Solar Marine uniform, coolmikeol cosplaying as Eiji in his Summer uniform, and Edward as Eiji in his Solar Marine uniform.

Arisa from Malaysia does a lovely cosplay of Mirai in her Maid Uniform.

If you think you need some props for your photos then maybe you can get some Moekana. Mirai Summer Uniform cosplay by Hion from Japan!

Sumire Lee cosplaying as Mirai in her Summer Uniform with her comrades from Malaysia!

Akihiko as Haruka Suenaga in her Summer Uniform!

And Abunai Usagi as Kanata Hoshikawa in her Summer Uniform!
Photos thanks to !

Yuki as Mirai in Summer Uniform and angie as Mirai Cheergirl!
Photo thanks to A.R.C. Photography!


Some beautiful Mirai Summer uniform cosplay by Ruki from Thailand.

Ichigo from the Philippines cosplays Mirai in her Summer uniform!

KazuoFubuki from Malaysia cosplays Mirai in her Summer uniform!

ShannaPalileo from the Philippines cosplays Mirai in her Maid costume.

Tamagochan from the US cosplays Mirai in her Winter uniform!

Many more mirai-chan cosplayers from around the world. You can find out more about them in the Mirai Suenaga Cosplay page.

For folks who need Mirai’s Summer Uniform in a rush - its available for purchase at Lucy Pop!

And here are the reference images for those who are planning to make a new costume.
This is Mirai in her Summer School Uniform. Do note that Mirai has her hairclip only on her left side.

Mirai in her Winter School Uniform.

Mirai in her Solar Marine Uniform.

Mirai's weapon of choice - the Millennium Blade.

The Biostream Boots that are worn with the Solar Marine Uniform. Do note that they are not symmetrical.

Mirai in her cheerleader gear.

Mirai works part time at a maid cafe and this is what she wears.

For the brave - Mirai in her bikini.