Cosplay Costumes

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/02/28 12:57 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Went along with Kotobukiya to Cospatio to take some shots for OTACOOL 2. Cospatio is a COSPA run company which does a load of cosplay costumes and related goods. For example they do some shimapan which you can see me trying to stuff into my pocket.

The chap on my left is Yoshikawa-san who is responsible for the production of OTACOOL 2 - its his team who does the selection for the book and cover. They also recently chose the OTACOOL 2 mascot too. Everything is finalized and the data is being sent off to the printers. I managed to request that I be removed from the cover just in time ^^; Me being on the cover was causing too much dorama in the cosplay community. Even though all I do is to provide the Mirai Gaia platform to Kotobukiya, cosplayers think that I made the selection, do the DTP, print the book in my house and distribute it worldwide - all on my own!

The latest dorama was a few photographers who submitted photos (without telling the cosplayer) demanding a share of any profit the book makes.

Today we are in the Cospatio Shibuya Branch. They sell a load of ready-to-wear costumes and other bits n pieces including stuff to make your oppai bigger or smaller too.

Am wondering if I should get some of the shimapan for you for the next giveaway?

How many of you cosplay or are considering cosplay. And are there some of you who have retired from cosplay?

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