POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2009/09/06 08:30 JST in Anime
Recently caught up with comrades at Cospa at their offices and thought I'd do the usual and take some snaps.
On the way to Cospa at the overpass located next to the South exit Shibuya bus terminal.
Offices are located past the Cerulean tower where the Google offices are.
The iPhone saves the day again.
At Cospa for our meeting. Hmmm. Dolls, iPhone and merchandise. What could this meeting be about. Mufufufufu.
After meeting, we have a gander around the office. Cospa also produce a load of Internet radio programs based on games (including eroge) and anime - you can listen to some of the programs at Onsen - but you need Microsoft Silverlight installed. How many of you have bothered to install that?
The recording mixer desk thingy.
Atomic Blender Carbonite Air Purifier.
Some of the Internet radio program posters.
Tenshin Ranman has a *lot* of cute girlies in it.
Tears to Tiara slot machine. Never got round to watching the series. How was it?
K-on! Goodies and more - I is wanting all of it!
Saki dakimakura.
Da Capo and other goodies.
Dakimakura for couples?
Why do I get the feeling that some of this will be up for grabs in a giveaway? What do you want most from this article?
Sasara and Maryan senpai shirt.
Kitchen area.
Cosplay, game and anime magazines. I didn't even know about Nyan Type until recently.
Some figures that Cospa have previously worked on.
How about a Godzilla head to stare at you in the face each morning?
More Cospa T-shirts.
Apparel by the entrance. Want that Yui T-shirt.
Signed, Aria, Hayate and Die buster posters.
Then its dinner with the Cospa team.
My fave Agedashi Tofu.
This dish tasted like a plate of bones.
Cospa will be at our offices tomorrow. Let me know if there is anything that you want to ask them. In the meantime you can look forward to Cospa x Danny Choo soon.