Comic Fiesta 2015 Merchandise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2015/12/10 21:20 JST in Culture Japan Booth
It's that time of the year folks! The largest ACG anime event in Malaysia - Comic Fiesta takes place at Mines International Exhibition & Convention Center next week on Dec 19th & 20th.
My team and I will be at the Culture Japan booth which will have a load of goodies including a new set of Touch n Go cards.
We managed to order more cards which means we could remove the purchase limit. However, for us to get a lower unit cost from Touch n Go, we would have had to order 50,000 cards and we just simply do not have the cash flow to do that. For this reason, we have to sell TnG for more than I would prefer.
We wanted to come up with a way to reward fans who always support us through buying our products so we implemented a discount on the TnG for them.
With every RM25 spent on other Culture Japan products (T-shirts, Moekana, Moekanji, Posters, Smart Doll), you can buy 1 of each TnG card design at the discounted price of RM30/card.
So if you bought a poster for RM25, you can buy 1 of each TnG card design (there are 10 designs) at the discounted price of RM30/card.
If you bought a poster for RM25 and wanted 2 x J (Chitose Bishojo) then you can get one Chitose Bishojo for RM30 and the other one for RM40 - this is to prevent folks from buying 200 Chitose cards. We actually had folks who tried to buy a few hundred of each card at a discounted price - presumably to resell it.
If you are a Comic Fiesta volunteer who make CF possible, you can get your TnG and other Mirai goodies before doors open. Please be back at your post or Hew and Nerv will cook my hide.
And here are the 2016 collection of tees.
A wall deserves to have cute girls on it so here you go.
If you are learning Japanese then you need either of the longsellers Moekana or Moekanji.
We will have a limited number of Smart Dolls too. I thought I could sell Eiji at CF but we had to redo the default hands. Eiji will be on display but not for sale.
If you want a Smart Doll then you get Superman & Supergirl powers and can fly to the front of the queue - just let a member of staff know that you want a Smart Doll.
The Culture Japan booth is chaos every year but we do try to improve upon the previous year. The queues are simply too long.
One of the factors that makes the queue time longer is because of folks who line up but don't decide what they want until they get to the counter - some folks take 10 mins to decide - some take 20 mins.
To make it fair for folks who do know what they want, we are trying out two lanes just like the airport - you join the quicker queue if you checked in online - you join the slower queue if you didn't.
If you want to join the quicker queue then just print this form and write down the number of items you want then show it to the staff at the queue branch point where they will direct you to the Express Queue.
If you prefer to join the longer queue then take the Normal Queue.
Got Express Queue Order Sheet? you will be directed to Express Queue.
No sheet? Queue up in the Normal Queue.
Before I leave you with a wall of photos of the merchandise, I need to break some bad news to you.
This year there will be no CJ Night due to tight resources.
However, I will make it up to you as we are planning an event in KL before June on a slightly larger scale.
Anyway see you at CF soon!