Comic Fiesta 2014 Merchandise

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Its that time of year again where fans of ACG culture gather at KLCC for Malaysia's largest and longest standing ACG event - Comic Fiesta.
I've been attending now for the past 3 years and have noticed with each year that CF gets more and more visitors from around the world which is great as it gives me an opportunity to meet our fans from all over.
If you have not got tickets yet then check out the ticketing page. I will either be on stage for a few talks or at my booth so lets catch up!
This photo is of our booth taken last year - it was packed ><
But I am concerned about this year because its been a while since we had...
Mirai Touch n Go ^o^
We have Mirai Suenaga, Kizuna Yumeno, Chitose Shirasawa, Kanata Hoshikawa and Haruka Suenaga.
The unit cost that Touch n Go gave us was nearly double last time which means that the cost to you will be more too ><
But to make it just a bit more affordable for our fans, we are going to sell them at RM25 each for folks who buy any one of our T-shirts or Japanese learning cards Moekana or Moekanji. The price of each Touch n Go without these purchases will be RM30.
1 person can buy 1 of each type which means you can buy all 5 but 1 of each. If you want more then you need to drag along a friend - this is to make it fair for all so that 1 person does not buy 20 like last time at CJC.
To avoid confusion take the following example:-
You can buy 1 Mirai, 1 Kizuna, 1 Chitose, 1 Haruka and 1 Kanata but not 5 Chitose or 5 Mirai etc.
Also note that the cards are empty like last time - you need to charge them the usual way ;-;
We are in the same location as last year.
Here is the game guide for the Culture Japan Booth at CF!
If you can't be bothered to read the text - you need to know 3 things.
1. If you *do not* want Touch n Go and want just merchandise like Smart Doll, Tees etc then use the express queue.
2. If you want Touch n Go use the normal queue. You will be asked to kindly go to the normal queue if you accidentally enter the express queue and ask for Touch n Go.
3. Please decide what you want before you come because folks who *do* know what they want will be allowed to go in front of you when near the counter.
For super discounts - you should make friends in the queue so that you can buy more than 3 T-shirts - then you get discount on Touch n Go.
Touch n Go have no credits inside - don't blame me blame TnG.
Yep! We will have Smart Doll 001 Mirai Suenaga and 002 Kizuna Yumeno - both priced at RM1750 each - even if you buy both ><
We will also bring apparel items too like the Summer Uniform. Let the staff know that you want to buy Smart Doll and that member of staff will take care of your needs straight away - no need to go to the back of the long queue.
You will also be guaranteed a free Mirai or Kizuna Touch n Go depending on which model you buy.
Sorry but cash only because we could not get a credit card reader in time for CF ;-;
The price is just a wee bit lower than Singapore because they cost more to bring into Singapore ToT
We sold out in the morning of the first day at AFAID and within 20 mins at AFA2014 so I'm not sure how fast they will sell out at CF but if you really want one then I recommend that you come early on day one.
This is the new packaging for Mirai and Kizuna and folks buying at CF will collect their girls in one of these bags.
And we got lovely posters!
These ones I hoarded from AFA2014 before the event started - its the first thing I do before an event or they sell out and I dont even have any for myself!
Mirai Suenaga illustrated by DMYO-sensei and Kizuna Yumeno illustrated by Koizumi Amane-sensei.
Chitose Shirasawa and Kizuna & Mirai combo - all illustrated by DMYO-sensei.
Haruka Suenaga and Kanata Hoshikawa illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.
Kizuna & Mirai combo on the left illustrated by DMYO-sensei, Mirai & Kizuna combo on the right illustrated by Koizumi Amane-sensei.
And here is the pricing for the posters - RM25 each or RM20 for more than 2.
And this is what it looks like in my Kizuna Blue room.
We also got my Japanese learning card series Moekana and Moekanji.
Moekana has done quite well and is now in its second edition which now includes Katakana and stuff that was in the booster pack.
And this is Moekanji which teaches you 1st grade kanji.
Moekana is RM50, Moekanji is RM65 or get both for RM100. The deck case to protect your deck of cards when a friend tries to puke on you costs RM25.
I love T-shirts which is why I made these in the first place - I even wear them in winter on top of one of those uniqlo body heat thingies.
RM90 for one, RM170 for two, RM230 for three or more. If you order three or more then staff give you goodies.
This T-shirt has deep meaning and represents a goal of mine - "Mirai Is Future."
"Chitose is Justice" - meaning not so deep but if you get the pun then you will like it.
"Kizuna is Tenshi" because I think she looks angelic.
Full print T-shirt of Mirai-chan illustrated by DMYO-sensei.
Full print T-shirt of Chitose-chan illustrated by DMYO-sensei.
By the way - Chitose is pronounced "Chi-toh-say."
Full print T-shirt of Kizuna-chan illustrated by DMYO-sensei. So cute ><
And here is the price and size chart. I wear Small.
Skan Srisuwan is my special guest at CF ^o^
Skan was the lead designer at Square Enix for the title Front Mission and also designed the Mirai Millennium look and feel for the Solar Marine Suits, Retrograde Suit and Retrokyu.
His team Studio Hive will have a booth at CF so stop by to chat to him!
If you cosplay as any one of the Mirai Millennium cosplayers then just drop by the booth and make yourself known to our staff who will go and get a goodie bag for you as thanks for your support ><
This photo is of the lovely YingTze cosplaying as our Kizuna - photo by KennTee Photography. Maybe she will drop by our booth as Kizuna?!
A couple of shots of the CF hall - CF is not just anime but emcompasses all of ACG culture.
Bring all of your spare change to shop at the zillions of vendors in the halls.
I had the opportunity to visit the Comic Fiesta HQ in KL last year and remember being so envious ><
At the time, I didn't have an office and was still working out of our house - but was evicted to live in a makeshift apartment ;-;
Looks like some serious work going on here.
At the time, the CF team had just moved in and here is a list of the wants by the staff.
And here is the top folks at CF - Hew, Nerv and Agent X.
As with every CF, we hold Culture Japan Night - this year will be held at the same place as last year - register here!
Culture Japan Night Kuala Lumpur 2014 Winter
Date : Dec 29 2014
Time : 3 - 8PM
Entrance Fee : RM5*
*Come wearing a Culture Japan T-shirt and have free entry
No 5 Jalan Stesen Sentral ยท Kuala Lumpur 50470
Hall : Grand Ballroom
If you are a doujin circle then just leave a message when registering and I will arrange for a table for you for free. If we run out of tables then I will contact you - else just bring your goods to sell. We no take fee or % of sales. Would be great if you sold Mirai & Friends related doujin stuff though.
See you soon!
Oh, and this years exclusive only at CJ Night is this CJ Night Tee of Chitose ^o^
Update - the new line of Smart Doll Apparel Suits that I'm working on will be displayed first at Comic Fiesta ^o^
The Smart Doll accessory menu - sold first at CF!
With Engrish to make it more Japanese.
Updating this post with photos taken on Day 0 of CF2014.
I'll be on stage at 3PM sat Ballroom 1 - hope to see you there.
Very important - if you want Touch n Go take the (normal) "queue."
If you don't want Touch n Go (and want just merchandise or Smart Doll) then take the "express queue."
And this just in - only available at CJ Night on Monday.