Comic Fiesta 2013 Merchandise

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Comic Fiesta - not only Malaysia's longest standing but also biggest ACG event takes place this weekend from Saturday 21st - Sunday.
There are a load of guests which include Shirahane Nao and Ikkyuu who work with the Culture Japan brand very closely.

Other guests include Redjuice, Livetune, Yugene Fay, Onnies, Stayxxxx and Xrystal. For an indication of just how epic CF is - check out last years photos and this years fan OP below!

The Culture Japan booth will be back with a load of goodies which include what seems to be our most popular design to date - the white full print T-shirt called "Summer."

As you may know, full print T-shirts made by other Japanese manufacturers cost around 6000 yen (RM190) but we are selling them for RM90 - 2 or more for RM75 each.

This our full menu!
But there is something missing from the menu...

...whats all this?!

What with the production of Smart Doll, I didn't get round to securing the Touch n Go production line which meant that we were only able to print 200 of this design ><

The intention was to make this available to folks who bought the white Summer T-shirt and thats what we will do - if you buy 1 Summer T-shirt, you will be entitled to buy 1 of this Touch n Go for RM20.

If you buy 2 White Summer T-shirts then you are entitled to buy 2 of these Touch n Go which will still cost you RM20 each.

If you do not want to buy the T-shirt just to get the Touch n Go (or if you dont like this design) then please wait for CJC2 which will take place in Summer 2014.

Also on sale is the Kimono Moekana T-shirt.

For retro game fans is the "Retro" T-shirt.

Currently my most fave Black T-shirt - "Girls" !

If you have the Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers then you will be familiar with this design which we call "Onigiri" ^^

Here are the T-shirt sizes - please measure before you come!

Learning Japanese? Then you need Moekanji to help you learn first grade kanji.

If you are planning on buying Moekanji - make sure you ask folks in the queue to see if they are buying too - buy together and get discount.

Moekana - the fun way to learn hiragana. Tens of thousands of packs sold so far.

Remember to buy with other folks at the same time to get discount!
If you cant afford these Japanese learning products then just refer to this post on learning Japanese.

If you got Moekana or Moekanji (or both) then you need cases to protect them from salivating comrades.

Remember not to be shy to talk to folks in the queue so that you can buy together and get discounts.

And here are the posters which include a 2014 calendar.

As you know, our Mirai Suenaga is now an official mascot for Japan Tourism - the first project we worked on together is a map of Japan and it will be given out at Comic Fiesta while stocks last.

The map will be folded though which is why we are selling a bigger A2 poster version of it.

I will also have Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll 001 on display too - both the Automatic and Manual versions - come to say hello to her!

Do remember that we have CJ Night the day after Comic Fiesta on the 23rd of December.
The CJ Night T-shirt will only be available at CJ Night KL. Details here.

All participants at CJ Night get a free bottle of Mirai Water.

The Chitose Shirasawa A2 poster is also only available at CJ Night.
See you all soon!

Nearly forgot to mention - I'm on stage 3 - 4PM Saturday at CF.