Comic Fiesta 2013

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2014/03/13 16:41 JST in Anime Events

Held annually at KL Convention Center, Comic Fiesta is Malaysia's longest standing ACG event packed with everything anime, games, comics, cosplay and more.

I've been attending for two years now and am surprised at how much its grown over the course of just a year and the amount of folks who came to visit from all over the world.

Today's post covers some of what went on over the two day event last December. If you are thinking of going then keep an eye on the official Comic Fiesta FB page for details and hope to see you this year!

How many of you attended CF 2013 and what was your main mission (cosplay, exclusives, stage etc)

Photo credit goes to the following comrades below:

Pedobear in disguise.

Awesome Gundam cosplay.

How many of you managed to check out the awesome stage events at CF2013?

The Oscar selfie came after this.

And photos of our Culture Japan booth live here.

Our resident illustrator Ikkyuu-sensei who does all our Moekana illustrations joins CF2013 as a guest.

I may have missed it but did the CF folks upload this original image to their Facebook?

Together with guest and cosplayer Yuegene Fay.

How many of you managed to meet DMYO and Ikkyuu-sensei at CF2013?

Moderating the Shirahane Nao (DMYO) panel.


I hope to get both Ikkyuu-sensei and Shirahane Nao-sensei out to more events around the world.
Thanks to the Comic Fiesta folks for having us over ><