Comic Fiesta 2012 Merchandise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2012/12/15 18:06 JST in Anime Events

I'm delighted to announce that I can finally make it to Comic Fiesta this year! for the past couple of years due to Culture Japan filming, I was unable to be in Malaysia at this time of year. This time however, Japan Mode filming is complete and I'll be heading to Malaysia next week to attend Comic Fiesta.

Comic Fiesta is Malaysia's longest running convention that focuses on animation, comics and games. Check out this post to see what its like.

This year I'll be speaking on stage and also have a booth - the Mirai Kopitiam! I'm also bringing with me Good Smile Company and Bushiroad who are attending for the first time - they will each have their own booth spaces too. The big boss of Bushiroad Kidani-san will also be coming.
There will be a load of other guests too including Redjuice sensei. I'm due to be on stage on Saturday around 3PM-ish.

Comic Fiesta takes place on December 22 - 23rd (Sat/Sun) at the KL Convention Center. Nearest station is KLCC Station (Putra LRT).
Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Jalan Ampang, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

And here are some of the goodies that we will have at the Mirai Kopitiam booth! As for Touch N Go - even with your support to fill in the petition, they didn't get their act together. I'll be over in Malaysia next week though and will try to directly negotiate with them though. Will keep you updated.

First up we have the Moekana T-shirts.

A Moekana T-shirt is the easiest way to cosplay as Mirai-chan!

Also the easiest way to cosplay as Eiji-kun.

And here are the T-shirt sizes - we now have XXL from now on.

Apart from the Cheerleader and Tora T-shirts, we introduce the Hinomaru (Japanese flag) and Solar Marine versions too.

Each T-shirt comes with a Moekana Couple Set - 1 card is Mirai-chan.

And the other card is Eiji-kun.

The Mirai Carry Cases will also be available for purchase too.

Each Mirai Carry Case comes with a Janket set (3 cards).

We got a load of posters too - different selection from Singapore.
First up is a Moekana calendar poster. All of these are A2 sized.

Mirai Winter uniform version illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.

Moekana Beginner version (has romaji).

Comic Fiesta poster featuring Tea and Coffy - only on sale at CF2012. Illustration by Ikkyuu-sensei.

The posters we printed in Singapore were coated in waterproof coating which looked great but made the edges curl up too much. The posters for Malaysia are still glossy but not waterproof and thus dont curl up.

Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform illustrated by Piromizu-sensei.


Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform illustrated by Koku-sensei.

Moekana Master version (no romaji).

Mirai in Solar Marine uniform by Pinax (Pinakes) sensei.

There is actually another poster that you can see here in the bottom left - the Mirai Millennium poster - a fave of mine which I cant wait to get a hold of myself!

Each poster comes with an Itasha Moekana card.

All purchases come with a Mirai glossy bag - we are preparing another design too!

And here are the prices for the Moekana T-shirts. When the T-shirts go on sale worldwide, the retail price will initially be 2500 yen. While we price lower than other Japanese T-shirt brands (just like these and these), we want to make them even more affordable as we develop our apparel business. In the near future, I beleive that we will be able to further reduce costs passing back savings to our customers.

Also, rather than just choose what anime T-shirts we think you want - we ask you want you want first. so for example:-
1. My question to Facebook followers.
2. Sorting out licensing.
3. The result.

Anyway back to the pricing for Moekana T-shirts at Comic Fiesta.
Each T-shirt is RM90, If you buy 2 they are RM80 each and if you buy 3 or more they are RM75 each. Remember that these come with the exclusive Moekana Couple cards and a glossy bag - and something else which I'll show you at the end of this post ^^

Price is just a little bit cheaper than Singapore because we ordered more T-shirts enabling us to reduce our unit cost and pass back savings onto our customers.

The carry cases are RM30 each and if you buy two they are RM25 each.

Posters are RM25 each and if you buy 2 or more then they are RM20 each.

If you dont want any of the stuff at our kopitiam but like the look of the bags then, you can pick them up for RM10 each.

A collaboration with AmiAmi! We have printed a limited run of these postcards and will give 1 free with every transaction at the Mirai Kopitiam - while stocks last!
Unfortunately you cant buy them separately.

Artists impression of the Mirai Kopitiam - a few changes over the Singapore one.

Look forward to seeing you at Comic Fiesta! If you want me to sign anything or have photos then I can do so when I'm around the booth. We also have Culture Japan Night on the 24th so I can do signatures and wot not then too.