Comic Fiesta 2011

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2011/12/17 00:43 JST in Anime Events

Comic Fiesta - Malaysia's largest anime event is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is taking place on December 17th and 18th - that's today!
As with last year, Comic Fiesta 2011 is going to be filled with cosplay, events, guests, doujin work and a load of anime merchandise.

At the moment I'm still working on finishing up the second season of Culture Japan which finishes its run in Japan next week - this is the reason why I cant be at Malaysia this year again. But fortunately, my clone SF-001 has been programmed to look after you again this year and he will be presenting the video message that I have recorded for you which will play before a digest edition of Culture Japan Season 2 this Sunday 4PM.

Hope that everybody who goes has a fab time and I'll update this post with photos of the event. How many of you attending?

I will be in Malaysia in 2012 though so see you then! In the meantime, say hello to Mirai, Haruka, Kanata and Eiji for me.
Illustrations by JC Staff for the anime Mirai Millennium OP.

A taste of what you can be expecting this year.